Boss is feline good for his age

The official oldest cat 24 year's old ''Poppy

The official oldest cat 24 year's old ''Poppy" died last week in Bournemouth after making the Guiness Book of Records

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He could be among the contenders for the title of world’s oldest cat. But not that Boss the Cabus cat is likely to care; for the 24-year-old prefers nothing more than curling up for a snooze with a hot water bottle to ease his aching bones.

Owner Heather Edmondson said: “He isn’t exactly what you would call an affectionate cat – in fact, he is anything but.”

And it’s no surprise as over the years the moggy, who is the equivalent of 124 in human years, has been involved in a series of misadventures causing him to use up one or two of his nine lives. These range from straying away from home for four months to being reversed over by Heather.

Heather says: “Of all the cats I’ve had, I’ve liked him the least, but I have to admire his determination to keep on going, despite his mishaps.”

“But he still has some fight left in him – even the vets wear gloves to handle him!”

Boss was just a few weeks old when Heather and daughter Lisa picked him from a litter of kittens at a Blackpool pet shop in 1990.

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