Bright idea lightens fuel bills for 12,000

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More than 12,000 residents across Lancashire joined forces with their local council in a bid to save money off their energy bills and, as the auction has now closed, early indications are showing that the results will be positive.

In Wyre, 1,749 joined in the People Power campaign, with 660 in Ribble valley joining in and 1,580 in the Preston area.

The drive was part of a nationwide auction which attracted 160,000 people to register, and which proved 71 per cent of those who did could save money off their annual bill with an average saving of £111.

The highest average saving of £139 was seen for customers who were on a Dual Fuel online tariff. Those residents who registered at have had their bills reviewed, and will be contacted by the winning provider from today, April 17, with an offer from a provider which they have the option to either accept or reject.

While regional savings are yet to be analysed and distributed, the expectations are high as Lancashire ranked second highest in the overall registration tables.

And as the auction is based on bulk-buying purchasing power, the signs are positive for the county and for those residents who signed up before the deadline on April 8.

Mark Broadhurst, People Power lead at Wyre Council, said: “This was the first auction of its kind to be run across Lancashire, and we are delighted with the results.

“To generate such interest in a short period of time since we launched the campaign in February has paid dividends.

“The council is thrilled that so many people will benefit as a direct result of simply signing up. With some suppliers having the monopoly in the market, it shows that by working as one collective, we can make a real difference.

“We look forward to receiving more information on exactly how much we all saved as a district and across Lancashire.”

The winning companies for each category were:

Dual fuel online monthly direct debit: Sainsbury

Dual fuel paper monthly direct debit: Sainsbury Energy

Electricity only online monthly direct debit: Scottish Power;

Electricity only paper monthly direct debit: Scottish Power

Dual fuel pre-pay meter: British Gas

Electricity only pre-pay meter: British Gas