Burglary crackdown hailed

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A crackdown on burglary in Lancashire has been hailed a success after police arrested more than 320 people.

The campaign, codenamed Operation Julius, was launched last month and saw officers seize almost £44,000 of stolen property and visit suspects.

Police executed 32 search warrants, spoken to more than 500 suspected burglars, seized 54 vehicles and visited more than 247 second hand shops.

Superintendent Damian Darcy said: “The results show we have been working hard to reduce the number of people affected by this intrusive crime.

“Despite the success this is just the start and we will continue to focus our efforts on those who persistently commit burglaries. Residents have an important part to play in locking out thieves and I urge people to make sure they keep their homes and vehicles locked and secure.

“Burglary levels in Lancashire are at unprecedented lows but as part of our determination to keep it that way we aim to further reduce the number of crimes and targeting known offenders.”

Action during Operation Julius included identifying Lancashire’s top burglary offenders, and executing warrants and providing high visibility police patrols in burglary hot spot areas.

Officers used a range of overt and covert tactics to tackle suspected offenders, some of which involved filming them to prevent burglaries, and issuing warning letters designed to warn burglars against committing crime.