‘Eat lamb to help farmers’

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North West MEP Paul Nuttall is urging shoppers to buy British lamb this Easter to help our farmers.

“We have all been saddened to see television footage of farmers desperately trying to dig out sheep buried in deep snow drifts, and while some have been successful many have found dead sheep and newly born lambs,” he said.

“This is a cruel tragedy which comes at a particularly bad time for sheep farmers, some of whom are already having to deal with the new Schmallenberg virus which results in dead or deformed lambs.

“Life in the farming world has been hard enough with eight months of almost continuous rain followed by a protracted cold winter. Our hard working farmers always need our support, which is why I always advocate buying locally sourced food. Easter is a festival traditionally marked by eating lamb I urge shoppers to buy British, and if possible local, lamb,” said Mr Nuttall UKIP deputy leader.