Children go back in time for school day

Fun time: Longridge CE Primary School Victorian day
Fun time: Longridge CE Primary School Victorian day
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School times of more than a hundred years ago took over the 21st century at Longridge CE Primary School.

Teacher Karen Boardman - pictured with chalk and blackboard - gathered together a range of comments from both boys and girls classes and everyone added to the day’s difference with the variety of Victorian costumes.

Comments on how pupils enjoyed learning Victorian-style covered all sorts of likes and dislikes showing all the differences from more than a century ago.

Likes included needlework which differed from present day craft skills, reading “because it was a rest from all the hard work,” handwriting “because I tried my best,” two pupills who liked varnishing and sandpapering rulers, art “because drawing the upside down face was fantastic,” and “handwriting because it was easy using the slate and I could rub out the difficult letters like Z, X and H.”

Dislikes included the drill “because it was absolutely freezing and my arms started to ache,” the punishments because “I had to wear the Dunce’s hat,” arithmetic “because it was boring, complicated and hard” and “hanwriting because the slates were squeaky.”

Compromises came out as “I would like to have Victorian Day every week but not every day because I would not like to have to sit up straight every day,” and “I would not like Victorian Day every day because it is too hard being silent all day.”