Copp CE school is on road to recovery

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A Wyre school which Ofsted judged in need of improvement last autumn is getting back on the road to success.

But school standards watchdog OFSTED says it still needs to take further action to become a “good” school.

Greate Eccleston Copp C of E Primary school was told it “requires improvement” after an inspection last September. In particular progress across the Key Stage 2 level had declined and not enough pupils were reaching nationally expected standards in reading, writing and maths by the age of 11.

Now Ofsted has published details of its return visit in November. Inspector Joanne Olsson wrote to head teacher Mrs Beverley Melvin noting: “Senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement.”

But further work was needed to; review the school’s action plan, sharpen goals for measuring success and give greater weight to improving teaching, raise expectations of pupils in all lessons and develop the role of new leaders. All teachers need to capitalise on the good start youngsters make in the Early Years stage.

Since the autumn inspection it was noted the head had returned from a long term absence and been very busy. The school’s leadership team has been restructured and a new acting deputy head and subject leader for English had been appointed. Mrs Olsson commented: “Everyone found the recent inspection outcome difficult to swallow and not all agree it is an accurate judgement. Nevertheless, you, the staff and the governors have dusted yourselves down and set about making the changes to restore the school to its former success... The scales are falling from your eyes; you are gaining a much more realistic view of what needs to happen to bring about improvement. You know there is a tough job ahead.”

Mrs Melvin had been hospitalised for a badly broken arm and returned for the first OFSTED infection, but then had to convalesce. She said: ”Whilst we were surprised at the result all the staff have taken it on board.There have been changes made, including me now having more time to monitor and evaluate rather than teach,means we’re aiming to be back to good by the time of their next inspection”