Pupils get a taste of politics

Primary pupils get a taste of politics and democracy
Primary pupils get a taste of politics and democracy

Primary school children have been having a taste of local politics at their annual 
democracy week.

Pupils from St Mary & St Michaels, St Thomas’s CE primary and Garstang Community Primary school were all involved in the event which saw them swapping their desk chairs for something a little bigger as they sat in the mayoral chair and even tried on the mayoral chains.

Councillor Lynn Harter said: “I am so pleased to say that these visits have now become an annual event during “democracy week”.

“I have to be honest though, I think the highlight for the children is trying on the mayoral chains and sitting in the mayoral chair.

“But I cannot stress enough how important these visits are. Both from our point of view, and I hope from the children’s point of view. This is such a fantastic chance for us to connect with the primary school councils and pick up from the invariably brilliant ideas that can come from the younger end of our community. I am hoping, that by seeing how the democratic system works, the children will continue to have an interest when they reach the age of 11 and also give them a chance to have a say in their own future by making town, borough and county councils more approachable and accessible to them.”