Read all about it! Young pupil scoops a prize

Evie Gibbs who scooped a top online reading and reviewing award
Evie Gibbs who scooped a top online reading and reviewing award

Scorton schoolgirl Evie Gibbs has won a top prize in a national competition, Read For My School.

Evie, 10, won a pile of 10 books to take home, but the contest demanded she read in a different way, not perusing the printed page, but online.

Helen Hesketh, headteacher at Scorton CE Primary school where Evie is a pupil, said: “The competition encouraged children to try reading a wide range of online books and then complete an online review.

“Reading whole books online was a new experience for lots of children and really motivated them to try reading different genres.

“We are delighted that Evie was recognised for her interesting book reviews and comments.”

Evie said: “I especially enjoyed reading Titanic Tragedy because it was a true story and I wanted to find out what happened to the Titanic.”

The book, by author Jane Penrose, had additional appeal because of the way it was read. Evie explained: “Reading online is great because you never lose your page!”

The contest attracted 100,000 pupils in 3,600 schools who read over 400,000 books,

Helen added: “We are often told about the number of children who don’t read but this project was a great example of reading for pleasure through a wide variety of different books and genres.

“The online format also appealed to some children who previously have been reluctant readers.”

As for the school’s own top tips to encourage reading, she said there is a need to set a good example and offer opportunities.

Her tip list included: “For parents to be good role models, for children to see their parents reading, books in the house, visits to the library and lots of talking about things.

It’s finding that author or style that unlocks the door for them. The competition offered lots of new genres that they might not have picked up from a bookshelf.”