Solving a Roman mystery

"Roman" students visiting Saint Aidan's Technology College at Preesall
"Roman" students visiting Saint Aidan's Technology College at Preesall
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A history lesson with a difference took Saint Aidan’s Technology College students back to Roman times.

The year 11 students welcomed some unusual visitors from Blackpool – teacher Peter Wright and A-level students who had donned period costume.

The Preesall pupils’ task was to solve a Roman murder mystery. Finding their classroom suddenly full of Roman senators from Brutus to Octavia and Claudius they had to do some detective work.

The characters were blaming each other, but who actually killed Caesar? Through questioning and some excellent Miss Marple skills the teams eventually worked out all had had a role in conspiring to kill Caesar but the blood was on Brutus and Cassius’s hands.

Ella MacGregor, a Year 11 student involved in the activity, said: “It was good and interesting and I learnt a lot from it. The interactive style of the activity really interested me and it has really inspired me to go into History when I am older.”

Julia Nicholls, Head of History, said: “This was a great opportunity for our students to extend their historical skills in a fun way, whilst working with students and teacher Peter Wright from Blackpool Sixth Form.”