Students explore personal development activities

Year 7 students of St Aidan's CE Technology College at Blackburn cathedral.
Year 7 students of St Aidan's CE Technology College at Blackburn cathedral.

Students at St Aidan’s CE Technology College have been venturing outside of their normal curriculum timetable on a personal development day.

While year 8,9 and 10 Pupils were finding out about world hunger, potential career paths and healthy relationships, year 7 and 11 students took to the road with the younger students taken to Blackburn Cathedral and Year 11 students given a taste of university life at Lancaster University.

On their university day out, students attended lectures, had a tour of the campus and got to soak up what education is like at university.

Miss Daisy Seville, Head of Year 11 said: “The students really enjoyed the day. They also got to experience lecture style teaching which is quite different to their lessons at Saint Aidan’s. Plus, they saw that there’s more to uni than studying; making new friends, gaining independence, learning new skills and perusing new interests. The day was a great success in the sense that students gained a better understanding of one of their options post GCSE.”

Year 7 students were given the opportunity to learn all about the different elements of spirituality and given ten activities to complete, all to do with exploring the space within them and sharing it with God.

Ellie Hey of Year 7 said: “All of us had enjoyed the trip and we all came out having learnt something new and much more in touch with God and our spirit.”

Back at school Year 8 students completed a variety of tasks which examined the idea of charity and how to help others around the world who were lacking food. They learnt about the way the charities work and how important things that we take for granted, such as clean water and food, can be for others.

Meanwhile year 9 pupils spent the time exploring what potential careers they might be suited to which coincided with a careers evening where students were encouraged to research and ask about future employment options.

Year 10 students had a very important personal development day learning about healthy relationships and during the day they covered sensitive but vitally important issues ranging from the dangers of sexting to teenage pregnancy to parenting skills.

Students worked through four workshops following a dramatic performance of a problematic relationship and the difficulties it caused by a drama group. Students were later able to question the actors about their decisions and then suggest better actions and places to get advice.

Mrs Bernie Johnson, Head of Year 10, said: “The day was well received by students who engaged with the issues covered and went away with questions, answers and lots of food for further thought. I thought the theatre company were exceptional as they pitched the story exactly right and drew the students in with their convincing portrayals of a very well thought out scenario.”