It’s time to bin that dog bag

Foul deeds: Coun Peter Murphy and  Coun Mary Gandhi on the trail of a serial dog fouler

Foul deeds: Coun Peter Murphy and Coun Mary Gandhi on the trail of a serial dog fouler

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A Brock councillor has spoken out as Wyre Council steps up its efforts to track down a serial dog fouler.

Coun Peter Murphy is the cabinet member with responsibility for street cleaning and he has had enough of irresponsible dog owners who dump bags of dog excrement, rather than binning them.

Coun Murphy is talking tough after councillors in Carleton were forced to turn detective in an effort to discover the serial dumper who is blighting their neighbourhood.

For several months someone has been walking their dog, picking up after them using a black doggy bag – but then dumping the bags on walls, in hedges and on the pavement itself.

No one seems to be able to spot the culprit in the act and councillors have now appealed for residents to name and shame the person responsible, who appears to wander daily around the block of streets bordered by Bispham Road, Fleetwood Road and Deepdale Avenue.

Coun Murphy said: “Not only does it look unsightly, it’s also a health hazard – especially for all the children who walk to school that way.

“Until we can find evidence of who is responsible, all we can do is keep clearing it up when we could be taking action against them instead. That’s where residents come in. The fact that no one has seen this person suggests that they don’t drop the bags when anyone is around, but someone somewhere must be able to provide us with a clue.”

Coun Murphy added there are also problems at Garstang’s Millennium Green, He said: “We are doing our bit to help, we just need the public to do theirs.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the council on 01253 891000. Dog fouling can also be reported quickly and easily online at

Dog Control Orders can also be applied and on the spot fines issued to discourage offenders.

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