Fighting spirit wins through

Latest sport news
Latest sport news

Garstang 2nds 2

Lancaster 1

As the weeks of defeat for Garstang’s second team had mounted up, they knew that fighting spirit and good teamwork where vital for this weeks match.

Garstang kept the ball high up the pitch with some great interceptions from Rachael Roe and Jemma Hampson. Then with some good teamwork and passing round the dee Wendy Howarth put Garstang into the lead.

Lancaster got back into the game in the second half and drew even.

With a sideline being awarded, Louise Richardson made a strong pass to Olivia Huyton, who made a run for the goal.

With her first shot being blocked by the goalie she made sure with her second shot, scoring a spectacular goal in the top left corner, securing the game for Garstang with a 2-1 win.