Meet real-life Wombles

Two of the world’s rarest marsupials are settling in and ready to meet visitors at a Lancashire wildlife charity.

Saturday, 11th April 2015, 9:00 am
Potoroos at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis
Potoroos at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis

The tiny pair of Potoroos at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis are under threat in their native Australia and Tasmania.

Assistant manager Jayne Gibbins said: “They look like a cross between a wallaby and a Womble. A less flattering name for them is kangaroo rats.

“Our breeding pair have an adult son but we think there’s a joey in the pouch as well.”

The Potoroos at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, near Miln-thorpe, are part of a crucial captive-bred population.

The charity, just off the A6, is home to many rare creatures in need of conservation.

Most spectacular are four snow leopards, including the twin cubs Loki and Luna. But the new marsupials, with their Womble-like faces, have made a big impression.

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