Stoned love, but this deserved a smaller screen

You’ll have to hear me out on this one.

Saturday, 1st June 2013, 7:00 am

Our TV columnist has been ordered to stand down by a dictat in the shadow of 
Blackpool Tower.

So I’m the late stand in and truth be told I’ve watched nish on the telly. Nish, you ask?

It’s a Manc word for ‘nothing’ – MC Tunes told me on some Madchester TV documentary about 23 years ago.

What I did do was head to the flicks to see Shane 
Meadows’ documentary on seminal Manchester band the Stone Roses, Made of Stone.

But this is a telly column I hear you groan.

Well I’ll argue that’s where this superbly-shot but 
ultimately unrevealing 
homage should have been.

BBC4, Friday night. 10pm.

First of all we watched the red carpet interviews where the crowds must have been, let me see, one deep in places.

Edith Bowman interviewing Mick Jones of The Clash, the cast of Meadows’ other project This Is England and some lad with a bad haircut telling the assembled that he wouldn’t have that slightly ear-muffy coiffure if it hadn’t been for the Roses.

Then the cameras swung inside the at Victoria Warehouse in Trafford for the premiere of what was billed “a candid, behind-the-scenes documentary charting their reunion and rehearsals for their comeback tour”.

One Rose spoke, John, and Reni didn’t turn up. The film also showed Ian Brown telling a crowd in Amsterdam that the drummer had bailed then.

But this film didn’t lift the lid on any tensions within the group after years of feuding.

That’s right, no insight into legal wrangles, resignations or even a justification for the Third Coming.

Even the dressing room door was only slightly ajar, with Brown peeking out.

What it did do was mash together some old interviews, capture Meadows’ gushing pride at his involvement and some wonderful footage of the rehearsals. Even the shots of the 220,000 people at Heaton Park comeback were short.

But what the film did capture was the pure excitement of the free comeback concert in Warrington – when sheer pandemonium was set loose with a web announcement of entry for anyone carrying memorabilia. The joy of the fans was soul-affirming.

Coming to a TV near you soon.