Strictly manna from heaven at foot of the hill

Fabio Real Italian Takeaway 52 Fishergate Hill, Preston

Sunday, 2nd November 2014, 2:00 pm
Fabio Real Italian Takeaway
Fabio Real Italian Takeaway

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. No I’m not talking about Strictly, but another weekend favourite – the takeaway.

The mention of a new Italian within driving ( or delivery) range is manna from Heaven for me. So, after being the recent arrival in Fishergate Hill that was it.

I was straight on to the website and, before you could say pepperoni pizza, my order was in.

No, I didn’t have pizza –the chap said 15 minutes but it was ready by the time I made the short journey.

Tucked away by the side of the pharmacy, Fabio isn’t the easiest of places to spot from the road – and parking can be a bit hit and miss.

However, that minor inconvenience is more than worth it for the end results.

The service was excellent, 10 out of 10 there, and the food could not be bettered.

I was worried when the offspring asked for garlic bread half cheese, half tomato.

I expected to get cheese and tomato but no, there it was. Two even halves. And it was delicious.

We ordered garlic mushrooms, six delicuous goo-filled fungi for a mere £4 (bargain) as was the bread (same price).

The variety of starters and main courses is unbelievable – from a bowl of olives to fresh salmon pasta or pollo Diane.

My test of a good Itlaian is ALWAYS the spag bol, and Mamma Mia was this good! I only ordered the small, and there was plenty.

The tortellini (£6.50) was finished the following day, because there was way too much for one sitting.

Star rating: 9/10