Dickens of a good panto

A Christmas carol – The Panto!Our Lady’s Parish Centre, St. Annes

Saturday, 6th December 2014, 2:00 pm
Theatre reviews
Theatre reviews

Our Lady’s Dramatic Society have the happy knack of producing a pantomime each year which is superb fun.

The slickness of the script, choreography, band, costumes and direction all enable this show to have a delightfully improvised feel, not taking itself too seriously or hiding behind glitz and glamour.

Siobhan Palmer, the narrator, Alan Veale as Scrooge, Leo Appleton and Ron Oddy as knockabout ghosts all excel, whilst Cathy and David Court, Phil Thomas, Carolyn Clapham and Simon Donnelly provide first-class support.

It is the children however who steal the show, with engaging ensemble singing and dancing, as well as individual performances.

Millie Amber Quine with Rapscallion the puppet is simply outstanding and Rory Donnelly as a hobbling Tiny Tim manages to be both heart-rending and comical simultaneously.

Simon Cowell, Blackpool Tower dungeons, Lady Gaga, David Cameron, the poshness of Lytham, Ant and Dec and the Tardis all pop up in the clever writing.

Much talent and ingenuity ensures you can make a rip-roaring panto out of Dickens’ very sombre tale.

Julian Wilde