A toe-tapping trip to magical Neverland

Peter Pan is by his own admission the boy who never grew up.

Saturday, 21st February 2015, 3:00 pm
A toe-tapping trip to magical Neverland
A toe-tapping trip to magical Neverland

But that doesn’t mean he’s adverse to being brought up to date every now and then with some upbeat dance routines and relaxing ambient background music.

In fact music and dance successfully jolt JM Barrie’s classic tale ofWendy and her brothers on a magical jaunt from stuffy Edwardian middle class London to Neverland to crazed life.

If you didn’t know the plot, you could be a bit confused as the story can get a bit lost in all this noise, but who cares when the tunes are so good?

The young dancers do a fine job with the various routines and a song and a dance in between scenes means the production at the Charter Theatre tonight and tomorrow is fast paced and rarely slows down for a minute.

On the acting front Captain Hook and hapless sidekick Smee stood out and added some humour into the proceedings – as did the bossy Neverbird who as narrator helped link the evening together.

Praise too must go to the set and costume designers, who helped bring Everland to life. The onstage flying – thanks to wires – also worked well.

All good family fun which delighted and distracted younger members of the audience for a couple of hours – and surely that is the point.

James Reader