Blackpool Illuminations competition: Here is how you can submit your design

Creative curator Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen shares his vision on a new 'era' for Blackpool Illuminations
Creative curator Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen shares his vision on a new 'era' for Blackpool Illuminations
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Could you be the one to have your name immortalised in bright lights as a creator of one of Blackpool's famous Illuminations?

A £100,000 competition has been launched giving one lucky winner a chance to create new work for the world-famous Lights, which will be unveiled in 2020.

Design consultant Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen said the competition was a first in a new era for the Blackpool Illuminations.

He added: “It is time to celebrate Blackpool for being the best again.”

The design consultant and TV personality, said contemporary technology and a series of new coloured Illuminations would help in rekindling the love affair with the Lights, while building a new experience for those enjoying them on foot.

He said: “The Illuminations are hardwired into people, but we want to draw on that and re-build enthusiasm.

“But the competition is something fresh, exciting that absolutely anyone can be part of.

“This is ‘Illuminations has Got Talent’ - it is something we have never done before, it’s a big amount of money and a big chunk of Blackpool to create something really special.

“The brief is blue sky so this is a real opportunity for artists, architects to children or your granny to get creative and be part of something really special, world leading.”

Up to five artists/companies will each receive an honorarium fee of £1,000 to produce a concept in response to the design brief.

One overall winner will then work with a budget of up to £100,000 to produce the work for inclusion in the 2020 Illuminations display.

The big reveal came at the 2019 launch at the Lightworks depot, in Amy Johnson Way, where the creative curator announced 2019 would be the year to throw new light on the resort.

He declared it was time to put Blackpool “back on the map” once more as the world’s first and best in light attractions.

The new sponsorship deal was unveiled as part of a new programme, which will also give someone for the first time ever a chance to have their own design immortalised in light and standing proud in the Golden Mile in front of the Tower and Comedy Carpet with the launch of a £100,000 Illuminations competition.

The competition is being hailed as a new era for the Lights to add a new dimension, “energy and vibrancy” for holiday makers in the 21st century.

The new additions are part of longer term strategy to build on the Lights historic legacy but cement its place as the world’s first lights attraction while competing with other leading attractions around the world.

Other new additions to the 2019 display, which will be switched on by Blackpool born, award-winning Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon, in front of 20,000 people on Friday 30 August, include:

* A new giant 3D Sooty display – a large scale tribute to the longest-running children’s TV puppet star, first discovered in Blackpool;

* An extension to the annual award-winning Lightpool Festival, for two weeks from October 11 to 26 and including the return of spectacular live performances by Pyronix and Carnival of the Lights;

* Northern Lights – a corridor of colour as visitors arrive at the southern end of the display and sponsored by Northern Rail

* NeoHearts – a new section of specially manufactured LED neon flex lighting to light up the promenade in colours of the rainbow; and

* 4Wall Theatre of Light cutting edge lighting technology.

For details and a link to the competition brief visit: