Wagon train in Preston branded a road hazard

Five construction wagons parked in Merry Trees Lane.
Five construction wagons parked in Merry Trees Lane.

Contractors have been accused of  “inconsiderate” parking after complaints construction wagons have been left not far from the entrance to a Preston school.

Former city councillor Christine Abram claimed the construction lorries have been causing a traffic hazard for parents driving their children to and from Cottam Primary School.

“I counted five wagons lined up along the road the other morning,” said Christine, who stepped down from the council earlier this year after almost 20 years service.

“I’m a grandmother and I was doing the school run. To get past the trucks I couldn’t tell what was coming the other way. It was impossible to see beyond them. That’s not only inconsiderate, it’s also really dangerous.

"It gets very busy along there at dropping off and picking up times. And that’s why I’ve raised the matter - I don’t want there to be an accident.”

It is understood the lorries, which Christine photographed lined up along Merry Trees Lane, deliver materials to the latest phase of a Morris Homes site nearby.

Kings Lea, off The Chase, is part of a development of more than 300 houses and has been under construction for the past three years.

Christine added: “This parking isn’t the only problem that residents have had to endure in Cottam with all this housebuilding going on. We would just like them to be a bit more considerate.”

A spokesperson for Morris Homes said: “We take all matters of safety around our developments very seriously. We have been very careful to try and minimise disruption to residents early in the morning.

“Clearly some have arrived early which has caused the problem. Going forward we will ensure they park in a location away from the school.”