A LEVEL RESULTS: Cardinal Newman College

Oxbridge Girls. Jan-Kay Cheung (left) and Mary Curwen are going to Cambridge and Oxford respectively
Oxbridge Girls. Jan-Kay Cheung (left) and Mary Curwen are going to Cambridge and Oxford respectively

The Preston college has seen another excellent year of results both across A Level and BTEC areas with 100 per cent passes and an amazing 70 per cent of students achieving high gradesA*-B!.

BTEC students are also celebrating after 18 courses achieved 100% pass high grades.

The results top off a year which has seen Cardinal Newman ranked in the top two per cent of all college’s nationally and the top locally for value added.

Cardinal Newman College is the only Cambridge University hub for Lancashire, a programme that has proved to be a huge success, as this year the number of students who have been offered places at Russell Group universities has risen from 260 in 2013/14, to 324 in 2014/15 - meaning more than a third of all university places offered to Newman students were from one of the UK’s top 24 institutions.

A record number of 12 students have been offered places at either Oxford or Cambridge this year.

Principal Nick Burnham said: “Today’s results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students and staff at Cardinal Newman.

“ We are immensely proud of all that the class of 2015 have achieved and wish them the best of luck in the future.”

Here are the A level results for Cardinal Newman College.

Five Passes

C Carnell

Four Passes

M Antys, H Ashton, K Aston, O Atkinson, L Ball, S Bapu, G Barker, D Benton, J Brogden, G Brown, H Brunning, J Cheung, S Chohan, J Clay, L Cowley, J Craig, K Curtis, E Dale, E D’Antonio, C Dearden, A Dobson, T Fricker, T Gibbons, J Gillies, A Green, L Hodgson, A Hussain, N Hussain , F Jahangir, R Janab, Y Joyner, S Laker, J Laraway, T Love, J Mate, J Milston, H Moss, W Musa, J Nolan, A Parker, A Patchell, A Patel, F Patel, K Patel, S Patel, Z Patel, J Porter, S Power, C Rawcliffe, S Roberts, L Rose, J Singleton, F Slater, A Smith, D Stuart, J Takacs, B Taylor, N Turner, A Ugradar, P Warren, H Welsh, H Westhead, K Whitehouse, D Whitlock, A Whittaker, M Wilson, A Yusuf

Three Passes

M Abram, B Ackers, H Adam, V Adamko, M Ahmed, R Ahmed, S Ahmed, U Ahmed, K Ainsworth, H Ainsworth , H Aitchison, S Alam, A Ali, F Ali, M Ali, C Allen, J Allen, Z Allen, R Allott, S Alty, Z Ameerat, Z Amjad, K Anderson, H Anderton, N Andrew , R Annand, E Ansbro, G Arciniega, A Arifi, J Armitstead, M Arnold, C Ashcroft, D Ashcroft, V Ashman, F Ashraf, K Ashraff, G Ashworth, M Ashworth, Y Asmal, K Aspden, S Aspinall, L Assalone, J Astley, A Atcha, H Atcha, C Atkinson, J Atkinson, R Atkinson, T Atkinson, S Austin, N Ayub, E Bagley, L Bailey, E Baines, L Baker, J Baldwin, J Bamber, J Bamber, J Bamber, L Bamber, Z Bangi, H Bargit, J Barlow, K Barlow, J Barnes, W Barnes, D Barnett, N Baron, K Barratt, S Barrow, B Barton, O Bates, S Batty, J Baxter, H Baynes, J Beard, A Beattie, P Bebbington, K Becker, J Beetham, M Beetham, J Benney, L Benson, C Bent, S Bentham, J Bentley, K Benz, S Bera, C Berry , D Betts, A Bhaiyat, S Bhata, E Binfield, C Bleasdale, J Blinkhorn, K Blundell, R Bolton, O Bowers, R Bowker, E Bowman, H Bowman, D Bowyer, J Bowyer, D Bradbury, C Bradford, E Bradley, F Bradley, T Bradley, A Bradshaw, K Brannigan, L Brannigan, O Brannigan, D Bray, L Breakell, C Brentley, A Brett, C Brindle, J Brindle, R Brindle, S Brindle, J Bristo, J Broadley, T Brocken, J Bromley, E Brookes, R Brooks, J Brown, K Brown, L Brown, M Brown, M Brown, T Brown, C Brunton, C Bryan, H Bryan, K Bryan, F Bulless, B Bullon, K Burke, S Burney, A Burton, M Buttle, A Bux, S Bux, E Buxton, S Byers, J Byers-Woods, F Calenti, L Callagher, K Callander, A Cameron, G Campbell-Dagnall, H Canham, M Carlin, A Carmon, S Carr, N Carson, E Carter, J Carter, C Cartmell, H Castle, S Caton, E Caunce, M Caunce, E Chaplin, R Chapman, C Chappell, G Chesney, D Chew, G Child, I Chirashe, E Clarke, O Clarkson, L Clayton, R Clayton, L Clements, E Clitheroe, L Clossick, J Coates, S Coleman, R Collinson, M Collis, J Connelly, E Conroy, H Constable, J Conway, N Cook, J Cookson, D Coombes, B Cooper, C Cooper, R Cooper, K Corbett, T Costello, C Cottam, R Cotton, J Coulthurst, A Coupe, S Coupe, K Courtney, C Cousins, A Cowell, C Cowell, D Coxhead, D Coyne , C Craig, L Crich, J Croft, M Crombleholme, E Cronin, H Crook, H Crook, M Crook, B Crumpton, M Curwen, D Cyriac, S Dad, C Dagger, M Dal, H Daniels, S Dark, B Davies, J Davies, W Davies, F Dawood, J Dawson, G De Vall, M Deacon, J Deady Alston, J Dean, H Dedat, S Dedat, H Delaney, E Denning, R Dent, A Desai, B Desai, H Desai, T Desai, Z Desai, C Desborough, C Devaney, R Devlin, A Dewhurst, N Di Niro, L Dickinson, J Diggle, L Dilworth, R Dixit, B Donohue, S Doran, G Dorrity, B Doyle, L Draper, S Draper, J Drazen, M Drinnan, S Dudley, C Duffy, D Duffy, B Dunn, A Dunnagan, C Dunne, O Dunne, A Dwyer, E Dyer, J Dyson, E Easton, S Eatough, J Eckersley, C Edwards, L Edwards, G Egan, A Eland, S Ellahi, J Elliott, S Elliott, N Ellis, V Ellison, H Elsender Harris, A Emery, L Emmens, E Emslie, B Entwistle, M Esslinger-Raven, D Etherington, E Evans, M Evans, R Evans, S Fadden, R Fairclough, D Fairhurst, J Fairley, L Farnworth, J Farooq, Z Farrell, O Farrington, S Fenn, M Fennell, O Fensome, E Ferguson, E Fiddler, A Findlow, J Finn, S Finnerty, L Finney, T Firdous, J Fish, L Fisher, K Fitchie, T Fitzgerald, G Fletcher, J Fletcher, M Fletcher, E Flint, F Flowers, M Follen, H Forbes, C Forde, R Foulds, R Freeland, J Friend, E Frost, L Gale, L Gardiner, A Gardner, J Gardner, K Garry, A Garside, W Gaskell, A Gavan, D Gerencser, N Ghodiwala, U Ghodiwala, R Gibney, E Gibson, O Gibson, J Gilbert, M Gillibrand, O Gomer, C Goodburn, M Gornall, R Gornall, I Gouldsbrough, J Graham, J Grealis, K Green, M Green, S Green, A Gregory, H Griffith, C Griffiths, J Griffiths, P Griffiths, J Griggs, L Grimshaw, J Grocott, J Grogan-Ainsworth, K Gudgeon, B Gunson, I Guy, E Hall, J Hall, N Hall, S Hall, T Hall, C Halstead, A Hamid, L Hampson, E Hanby, N Hancock, D Handley, L Handley, R Handley, K Hands, R Hanrahan, L Harding, J Hardwick, K Harkness, A Harling, F Harlock, H Harris, I Hartley, A Harwood, V Harwood, C Hasnip, J Haworth Wheatman, Z Hawthornthwaite, C Hay, M Hayton, A Hayward, S Hazeldine, A Heap, B Heaps, S Heath, J Heathcock, G Hegarty, M Helm, M Hemingway, R Hempton, R Henry, R Henshaw, E Hesketh, L Hesketh, W Hesketh, A Hester, L Hibbert, J Higham, M Hilton, E Hinchliff, S Hindley, E Ho, O Hodgson, S Hodgson, J Hoggarth, M Holland, C Holt, D Holt, J Holt, C Hopkins, S Hopkins, K Hopley, J Horrocks, D Horton, C Howard, W Howarth, J Howcroft, S Hoyle, A Huartson, J Hubbard, M Hudson, C Hughes, F Hughes, R Hughes, A Hull, T Hulme, J Humes, F Hunt, J Hunter, B Hurst, C Hurst, K Hurst, J Hussain, G Hutchinson, M Hutchinson, B Idrees, V Illsley, K Ingar, G Ingham, S Jakda, A James, R Jamieson, N Jan, M Jeffrey, C Jessop, A Jewitt, R Jiwa, N John, N Johnson, T Johnson, A Jolley, A Jones, D Jones, K Jones, L Jones, S Jones, C Jordan, D Joseph , P Judd, A Juma, A Kaba , L Kabeer, S Kalik, J Kamal, Z Kamal, S Karim, A Karri, M Kasamri, Z Kauji, C Kay, F Kazee, K Kearns, S Kehoe, A Keighley, K Keighley, J Keighley , R Keller, H Kelly, S Kelly, S Kelly, W Kelly, S Kemp, S Kempson, H Kendall, J Kendall, R Kennedy , R Kenyon, A Kerfoot, B Kerr, H Khan, M Khan, S Khan, T Khan, Z Khan, Z Khan, Z Khanji, H Kidiwala, I Kiernan, A Killeen, C King, J King, L King, H Kirkham, J Kirkman, S Kirkpatrick, A Kitchen, T Knight, B Knowles, H Knowles, A Kostka, B Kothia, S Koutsokostas, A La Rocque, U Lambat, C Lampkin, D Lancaster, E Lancaster, T Lane, C Latham-Taylor, S Lavalette, A Lawrence, C Lawson, K Leach, E Leaver, D Leech, J Lees, M Leonard, H Leyland, C Liptrot, E Lister, I Litchmore, F Little, M Littlechild, R Livesey, M Lonergan, M Long, E Lord, O Lordon, J Lumsden, A MacLeod, M Maddock, R Maddox, H Maguire, N Mahmood, S Mahmood, U Mahmud, F Mahomed, F Mahomed, M Mahoney, A Maiden, A Maje, A Makda, B Malkin, I Mamun, A Manman, J Manning, E Manzione , A Marcinkowski, H Margison, E Marshall, F Martin, J Martin, G Martland, F Mashhadi, C Mason, M Mason, S Mason, O Massaro, M Mastan, H Master, J Masterson, A Matliwala, D Matunda, C Maudsley, K Mawdsley, G Mayor, C McAlister, R McBrearty, R McBride, E McCann, N McCarthy, M McCormick, K McDermott, J McFetridge, R McGinty, N McGrail, E McGrane, J McKenna, N McKevitt, T McKiernan-Karri, D McLoughlin, J McMenamin, D McNally, M McNally, H McNeilly, N Mead, J Mein, J Meldrum, R Mellalieu, M Member, T Menzies, S Merryweather, E Middleham, G Miller, L Miller, R Miller, J Mills, E Milner, R Mitchell, H Mohamed, H Mohammed, S Mohammed, R Molloy, S Monk, O Monks, D Moon, D Moran, H Morris, R Morris, S Morrison, F Motala, Z Motala, L Mounsey, M Mughal, M Mulla, K Mulvaney Slater, M Murad, H Murphy, H Murphy, L Murphy, M Murphy, Z Murphy, A Murphy , A Musa, K Musa, A Mussa, D Mysliwiec, A Nagdawala, A Nakhuda, K Nakhuda, K Nakhuda, D Nash, Z Naveed-Khan, J Naylor, S Naylor, A Neill, K Nellany, B Nelson, A Newsham, J Newsham, J Nicholas, C Nicholls, J Nixon, V Nixon, V Nixon, A Noble, L Norcross, K Nowell, E O’Brien, P O’Brien, P O’Donohoe, J O’Kane, A O’Leary, A Olway, A O’Meara, C Orford, E Ormerwood, M Orr, J Osborn, N Osborne-Molyneux, M Outram, L Owen, K Paleothodoros, E Park, C Parker, A Parkinson, I Parkinson, K Parkinson, K Parkinson, S Partington, A Parvez, A Patel, A Patel, A Patel, A Patel, A Patel, F Patel, F Patel, F Patel, I Patel, J Patel, J Patel, K Patel, L Patel, M Patel, M Patel, M Patel, M Patel, N Patel, R Patel, R Patel, S Patel, S Patel, S Patel, S Patel, S Patel, S Patel, T Patel, Y Patel, Z Patel, P Patel , E Patterson, B Pearson, J Pearson, P Perez, G Perks, C Perrin-Griffiths, H Perry, T Pettit, J Philipson, S Phillips, T Phillips, A Pickup, S Pill, A Polli, H Polli, M Polli, N Pond, H Porter, E Postlethwaite, E Power, K Pownall, K Preston, E Price, L Prince, T Procter, L Purcell, H Pye, S Pye, F Quarmby, L Rae, H Ratcliffe, D Rathugamage, A Rawcliffe, H Rawcliffe, H Rawcliffe, A Rawstron, E Read, A Reczek, E Reef, P Reeves, L Regardsoe, A Rehman, S Reilly, N Reji, R Reynolds, A Richards-Jones, A Richardson, A Richardson, K Richardson, B Rigby, R Riley, R Rimmer, A Ritchie, E Roberts, J Roberts, A Robinson, E Robinson, G Robinson, M Robinson, S Robinson, E Robinson-Brooks, B Rodgers, M Rodgers, F Rokad, J Rooney-Harbottle, A Rossall, E Rossall, C Rowett, L Rowlands, L Rushton, A Russell, J Ryan, R Ryding, P Saddoo, A Saiyed, F Saleh, R Salter, F Samli, K Sammons, G Sanderson, I Sanderson, S Sands, S Sattar, C Saunders, G Savage, S Savage Horsfield, J Sayle, N Seechurn, A Selant, A Selant, S Sellers-King, A Shabbir, K Shahid, J Shannon, J Sharples, K Sharples, S Sharples, G Sheldon, C Sherliker, Z Sheth, J Shevlin, C Shield, R Shields, J Shortall, A Shurr, S Sikander, J Simpson, W Sims, A Singh, G Singh, H Singh, H Singh, N Singh, P Singh, R Singh, A Singleton, P Singleton, M Skellorn, C Slater, J Slater, C Sleight, T Smalley, A Smart, A Smith, A Smith, A Smith, B Smith, B Smith, C Smith, H Smith, N Smith, R Smith, B Snape, N Southern, S Southworth, R Sowden, C Spear, N Speers, B Speight, J Speight, J Speight, E Spencer, F Spencer , S Spurr, G Squillino, P Squires, E Stackhouse, N Stanek, K Stanley, G Stansfield, A Stanworth, A Starkie, A Stephen , K Stevens, F Stewart, J Stewart, J Stirzaker, L Stokes, S Stopps, R Stothert, F Stott, R Stott, C Stubbs, G Sujdak, A Suleman, M Sumner, G Swarbrick, H Swarbrick, J Swift, M Swinburne, L Talbot, F Tallon, F Tanner, E Taylor, G Taylor, K Taylor, L Taylor, N Taylor, R Taylor, J Teale, A Tempest, R Thomas, J Thompson, M Thompson, S Thompson, A Thorley, N Thornhill, H Thornton, R Tingle, L Tomlinson, T Tomlinson, R Tootell, L Topping, A Towers, E Towers, N Town-Field, A Townsend, E Townsend, R Townsend, J Treacy, A Treble, G Tucker, S Turley, C Turner, H Turner, J Turner, R Turner, R Turner, A Umar, Z Umar, H Umpleby, Y Vahaluwala, A Vali, U Valli, Z Valli, G Varney, M Vegro, B Vibert, S Virdee, A Vorajee, J Vorajee, H Wade, M Wadee, C Waine, C Wainwright, C Walker, E Walker, R Walker, R Wallace, A Walsh, L Walsh, S Walsh, A Ward, R Ward, S Ward, T Ward, J Wareing, P Waring, R Waring, S Warren, S Wates, A Watson, G Watson, J Watson, L Watt, J Watts, H Webber, A Wells, E Wells, A Welsh, R Whalley, F Whelan, O Whelan, J White, H Whitehouse, S Whiteside, G Whiting, A Whittaker, H Whittaker, C Whittam, J Whittle, C Wiggans, A Wignall, C Wignall, J Wignall, K Wignall, L Wignall, J Wilcock, M Wilczynska, R Wilding, M Wilkinson, A Williams, J Williams, R Williams, F Williams Tanton, J Wilson, T Wilson Danby , D Winnard, M Winthrop, A Winton, A Wisniewski, E Wolfenden, A Wood, B Woodruffe, R Woods, T Woods, E Woollard, E Worden, P Worden, E Worsley, A Worthington, J Worthington, R Worthington, G Wright, J Wright, M Wright, L Wylie, L Wylie, R Wynne, M Yallanki, B Yates, U Zahid, S Zarugh, C Zavieh , A Zieba, C Zinkel, S Zivkovic

Two Passes

H Ahmed, A Akers, E Barnes, M Boyce, S Callaghan, K Cox, M Dadabhoy, E Danson, M Gaughan, M Griffin, H Gunson, D Hargreaves, E Hartley, B Henry, M Hoggarth, J Holden, M Hopkins, A Johnson, J Kaluza, R Karri, M Malinowski, Z Member, E Panepinto, A Patel, J Petre, M Pritchard, C Raby, E Randall, P Robinson, M Scrivens, R Sillitoe, J Speakman, R Stephen, H Stollard, S Traynor, W Westhead, R Wilkinson, J Willder, P Williams, L Woods

One Pass

J Ashton, J Carty, L Eidsforth, J Kucz, J McKay, M Nakhuda, B Roscoe