Book review: Dinoblock by Christopher Franceschelli and Peskimo

Dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes… and now kids can get a ‘feel’ for the dynamic creatures which once roamed our planet.

Friday, 3rd July 2015, 10:00 am
Dinoblock by Christopher Franceschelli and Peskimo

Dinoblock, an exciting and innovative ‘blockbuster’ book for children aged two and over, features scores of thick, colourful pages cut into the shape of dinosaurs.

It is the work of children’s book creator Christopher Franceschelli, with the artistic help of Peskimo, a talented husband and wife illustration and design team from Bristol, and follows on from the success of their alphabetic and numerical best-selling board books Alphablock and Countablock.

Youngsters meet 24 different kinds of dinosaurs through the medium of unique cut-out silhouettes and illustrated factual backdrops, creating a peek-through guessing game focused on the shape of dinosaurs.

As children interact with the pages, they discover lots of interesting facts about each dinosaur and its environment, learn how to pronounce their names and also get to grips with the physical outline of each wild and wonderful creature.

Find out which dinosaur was as tall as a six-storey building, which dinosaur trumpeted like an elephant, which dinosaur had a neck like a goose, which dinosaur could run as fast as a fox and which dinosaur was as small as a chicken.

Dinoblock, a picture perfect package of facts, fun and fantastic dinosaurs, offers the youngest children a whole new perspective on their prehistoric favourites.

(Abrams Appleseed, board book, £10.99)