Doing the Moky-cokey...

Dance programme Moky fit will launch in Longridge next month
Dance programme Moky fit will launch in Longridge next month

EVER fancied trying moves like ‘the donkey’ or the ‘the penguin’? well now Longridge gym goers will be the first in Lancashire to have the chance, with new fitness craze Moky, dancing its way to town.

Having swept its way across Cumbria, Northumberland and Dumfries, Longridge man Mat Arnold will launch the infectious dance programme Moky Fit at Longridge Civic Hall next month.

And former civil engineer and salsa teacher Mat, who was born and bred in Longridge, can’t wait to get back to his home town.

He says: “It’s great to be returning to my roots and bringing Moky with me.

“I just know Moky is exactly what the area needs and I’m sure it will be a huge hit with the locals. It’s all about making exercise applicable to anyone, and there’s no pressure to look a certain way”

The former St Cecilia’s pupil founded Moky with wife and business partner Shameem in 2009.

Described as ‘the feel good fitness workout that gets you hooked’, Moky uses the biggest chart songs with dance routines all choreographed in house. People can burn up to a 1000 calories in an hour’s session, but as well as aiding fitness and weight loss, Mat says the ‘fun factor’ means it is a great way to enjoy exercise in a social setting.

Shameem who herself suffered from the debilitating illness M.E and depression adds: “I know I’m not the only one who has turned my life around since starting Moky, we have so many people who tell me how they’re getting over depression and getting out of the house more and feeling like a new person.

“As someone who has suffered with depression in the past it means so much to me that I now can provide Moky sessions which lift peoples spirits and give them something to look forward to every week.

“It’s an hour you can escape all your stresses and troubles and just let go and have a good time.”

Moky has gone from strength to strength during the last 18 months and now employs 17 instructors to meet the demand of delivering over 40 classes each week and is known as the number one fitness provider in Cumbria.

Mat adds: “Moky can be suitable for everyone.

“Our classes attract people from 13 – 84 years of age and you don’t need to be able to dance or be fit.

“If you do the steps same as we do – great! If you don’t and do your own version – even better!”

Mat and Shameem will be starting the Moky Classes in Longridge Civic Hall on Wednesday September 7 at 7pm and Longridge High School on Friday September 9 at 6pm

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