Lancashire nostalgia in 1992: Batman the tramp, crazy ants and the Beer Monster

Artist Bryan Talbot, from Preston, who has written a new Batman two-part story
Artist Bryan Talbot, from Preston, who has written a new Batman two-part story

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1992:

Holy Batman - hero is a tramp

Comic-strip hero Batman has been given a new feel by Preston artist Bryan Talbot.

The award-winning artist has created a two-part story which is based around the idea that Batman never really existed - except in the imagination of a down-and-out who dreamed he was the Caped Crusader.

Bryan, of Bairstow Street, Preston, said: “I had the idea quite a few years ago, but with Spiderman in mind, and just seemed to forget about it.

“More recently the idea came back to me and I thought I would give it a go.”

The story - to be published by American comic giants DC Comics in their Legends of the Dark Knight series - tells how Batman is just a figment of the imagination of a tramp who dreams of being a millionaire by day and a crime-fighter by night.

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Pesky ants vie for political power

A horde of crazy Preston ants has gone to live in the lap of luxury - at London’s Palace of Westminster!

An influx of the American Crazy Ant, first spotted in the grounds of Whittingham Hospital, near Preston, are making their presence felt in the portals of political power.

The Crazy Ants, so-called because of their erratic movements, were found in Whittingham Hospital more than four years ago and it was the first find of the tropical creatures in this country.

A hospital spokesman said: “When they were found our pest control managed to catch some and sent them for analysis.

“We were told they were American Crazy Ants and it was the first time they had been found in Britain.”

But he said much of the colony was wiped out following action by a pest control firm.

‘The Beer Monster’ makes his return

Former 50-pints-a-night drinking champion Billy ‘The Beer Monster’ Boyce is training hard to reclaim his crown.

The heavyweight boozer is eager to snatch back his title as ale-swilling champion of Adlington Carnival.

Billy, 40, of Windsor Avenue, Adlington, near Chorley, has set his sights on drinking the opposition under the table by necking a yard of ale faster than anybody else.

He will face veteran drinkers for a showdown at about 9pm on Friday, August 14, in the carnival marquee on Jubilee Playing Fields.

He claims that he lost the competition last year to people normally 20 seconds behind him because he was suffering from laryngitis and could not swallow properly.

The title he had proudly held for seven years went to Andy ‘Prince of Pints’ Parker.

But Billy said: “I am making a comeback this year and then fading out - I aim to retire a champion.”