Tower Of Guns

Tower Of Guns
Tower Of Guns
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Climbing to the top of a tower armed with a high powered saw blade launcher and the ability to triple jump sounds like a simple task. Add in randomly generated rooms of death on your way to the top and you have Tower Of Guns developed by Terrible Posture Games. Debuting as April’s free PS4 game for PS Plus subscribers, Tower Of Guns is something of a gauntlet. The only objective is to get to the top of the tower and destroy it. There is no reason as to why you want to do it or any kind of character relating whatsoever, just “Go climb the tower!”

You begin with selecting a starting gun and a perk of your choice. These get progressively more powerful as you level up gaining more power and agility as well as better firearms. The good thing, you get to keep everything you earn when you die. The bad thing is that you only have one try at the tower and upon death; you’re forced to start back from the beginning. Thanks to the rogue-like levelling aspect though, your journey gets more bearable as it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the start. Tower Of Guns is a traditional first person shooter but unfortunately, as fast paced the game is; it does nothing to enhance the experience to make it feel unique or different to any other FPS. There is no head bobbing or realistic gun movements that made me feel truly immersed in the Tower Of Guns world. It’s the small things that count and Tower Of Guns didn’t have any.

Each room has randomly generated number of robots and sentry turrets which fire projectiles at you with varying effects. They also come at you in varying numbers and sizes. Destroying them causes them to drop blue tokens which are used to power up your guns. A notable weapon of choice I came across during one of my better runs up the tower was the Absurditron 9000. This thing fired varying shots with different effects and is easily the biggest gun of them all. It covers the whole of the bottom screen and has the appearance of a rack of weapons, weird! The last room on each floor hold big bad bosses. They are tough challenges that really test your mettle. Whether it is a large abstract robot firing at you relentlessly or the room itself is the boss, if you’re not prepared, you won’t last very long. Beat it though and you’re rewarded handsomely. The Longhorn boss was by far my favourite, sporting huge bull horns which it uses to charge at you, it’s terrifying and tough!

Visually, Tower Of Guns has similarities to Gearbox’s Borderlands. It has the same kind of cartoon style graphics but it’s nowhere near as pretty as Borderlands as the environments are dull. Each floor and room is just randomly placed platforms requiring some scaling but they just act as arenas for some bot busting. There’s a lot of bang for your buck here though as the onscreen action can get hectic with tonnes of explosions that are awesome to watch.


Every room presents a different challenge, every time

Cool unique weapons

Cool bosses

Levelling up makes you feel like you’re getting tougher all the time


No story

Dull visuals

Not the best FPS mechanics

Uninteresting enemies


Tower Of Guns starts out tough but perseverance pays off as you level up enough to give it a good run through in the hopes to reach the top. The randomly generated rooms keep things interesting but due to the lack of any realism in gameplay mechanics, it’s tough to want to continue. It’s a cool pick up and play game though so keep it on your PS4 to come back to and finally beat the Tower Of Guns.