What a cracker of a field day!

It was a cracker! Ribchester’s 53rd annual Field Day put a smile on everyone’s face with a three band parade full of novel floats, imaginative fancy dress entries and Ribchester’s young morris dancing team.

Friday, 21st June 2013, 2:30 pm
Ribchester Field Day Field Queen Sophie Kearns and her retinue

The weekend’s festivities included a cabaret featuring Ribchester based actor Keith Flood and friends, a Saturday evening concert with acclaimed band Brother Rabbit and a Sunday afternoon vintage tea party with music duo Tumbril, whose line-up includes local musician Jeremy Lamburn.

On-the-field attractions included the Pendle Dog Agility Club and the Bowmen of Pendle and Samlesbury.

Side-stalls ranging from bale-throwing to skittles and hoopla plus two popular stalls specially made by Ribchester graphic designer Paul Sutcliife – Fling a Fledgling and Mole Hill Mayhem.

Chairman David Smith said: “It was a well attended event again and the parade had some very colourful and entertaining floats.

“Once again we’re extremely grateful for all the donations and support we get both from villagers and village businesses.”

Parade Results

Individual Fancy Dress: 1st prize and Joyce Wright Trophy for best individual fancy dress: God Save Queen Bees ; 2,:Dib Dab; 3, Where’s Wally?

Small Group (less than four): 1st and Silver Jubilee Cup for best fancy dress in Class 2, Go Compare; 2, Dennis The Menace; 3, Sooty and Sweep.

Group of four or more, 1st and Challenge Cup for Best Fancy Dress in Class 3 : Pirates; 2, Ribchester Watch; 3, Ribchester Ladies.

Best Decorated Vehicle: 1st and Dutton Cup for best decorated vehicle: Great Ribchester Bake-oFF (Bee Mill); 2, Liquorice Allsorts; 3, Comic Characters, St Wilfrid’s School, Ribchester

Marquee Results

The Richard Austin Cup for best marquee entry – Susan Kelleher (Poem : My Roman Ribchester).

Any age,photo of “A Grand Day Out”: 1, Neil Barrett; 2, Eileen Farnworth; 3, India Lupton.

Poem/written piece on “My Roman Ribchester”: 1, Susan Kelleher; 2, Ann Thompson; 3,Paul Sutcliffe.

Decorated item of clothing: 1, Jenni Barrett; 2, Claudia Hudson.

Matchstick model: 1, Joseph Robinson; 2, Claudia Hudson.

Any age, homemade coffee cake: 1, Ros Lough-Scott; 2, Nicola Fry; 3, Rebecca Holgate.

Homemade cup cakes: 1,Daisy Sutcliffe; 2,Megan Bennett; 3,Emily Royle

Home-made flapjack: 1, Laura White; 2,Jackie Wright; 3,Nicola Fry

Any age, decorated candle; 1,India Lupton; 2,Maureen Kay; 3,Megan Crossley.

Fresh garden flowers: 1, Catherine Holt; 2, Jo Ratcliff; 3,Susie Owen.

Royal baby card: 1, Olivia Haworth; 2, Harry White; 3, Liz Swan.

Revamp a show: 1, Darcey Charnley; 2, India Lupton; 3,Darcey Charnley.

Under 16 years, poster of 2014 Field Day: 1,India Lupton; 2, Imogen Haworth; 3,Harry and Ellie White

Jelly pond: 1, Dominic Finch;2, Skye Saudners; 3,Darcey Charnley.

Decorated hard boiled egg: 1, Stanley Swan; 2, Dillon Bennison; 3, India Lupton.

Pencil Pot: 1, India Lupton; 2, Skye Saunders; 3, Grace Talbot

Years 3,4,5 and 6, textile collage of a house: 1, Harry Bennett; 2,Heather Taylor-Harling; 3,Rebecca Holgate.

Felt picture of a home: 1, Dora Green; 2, Thomas Teasdale; 3,Harry Bennett.

Make A Sea Monster: 1, Thomas Anderton; 2, Dominic Finch; 3, Dominic Finch.

Years Reception,1 and 2, make a bookmark; 1, Eve Walsh; 2, Kyle Alston; 3, Ben Hindley.

Decorate a plant pot: 1,Skye Saunders; 2, Eve Walsh; 3, Ellie Martin

Peg doll: 1, Halle Gradwell; 2, Skye Saunders 3,Seth Barrett.

Pre-school, collage of a flower: 1,Annie-May Jackson; 2, Annie May-Jackson; 3, Annie May-Jackson.

Decorate a biscuit/cookie: 1, Annie-May Jackson; 2, Annie-May Jackson; 3, Alice Walsh.

Handprinted picture of fish: 1, Luke Curry; 2, Dylan Walker; 3, Annie-May Jackson.