100 reasons to celebrate for Ada

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It was cake all round when a Garstang resident celebrated her 100th birthday.

Ada Danson, celebrated the milestone yesterday with family and friends at Catterall Care Home after receiving a birthday card from the Queen.

The great-grandmother of nine was born in 1911, the same year King George V came to the throne, MPs voted to receive salaries for the first time and the first Ford car was produced in Britain.

Ada, the only 100-year-old resident at the home off Garstang By-pass Road, was guest of honour at the party organised by her family and staff at the home and she was presented with cards and gifts.

The centenarian also received a very special call from her niece Dorothy, the daughter of her brother Harry who emigrated to New Zealand over fifty-years ago.

Mother to two sons Joe and Ron, Ada, moved to Garstang after getting married to their father Joe.

An avid writer, she dedicated her spare time to writing stories including tales of her travels of New Zealand.

Ron, 70, who lives in Preston said of his mother: “She adored New Zealand and after her brother, my uncle Harry moved there she would go out and visit for six months every year.

“On her first trip ever, she sailed back. She loved the place and talked of buying a house there, she’d go back tomorrow if she could.

“It’s a big day for her this, she’s got her health and she’s doing alright.”

Asked how she felt about reaching her 100th year Ada said: “I didn’t realise I’d got so old!”