A right royal family affair

Oscar and Stephen with Emma and Holly outside St Thomas's Church.
Oscar and Stephen with Emma and Holly outside St Thomas's Church.

Destiny calls for 12-year-old Holly Hunter as she becomes the St Thomas’s rose queen for 2014.

Royalty it seems is “in the genes” for the Hunter family, as Holly is following in the footsteps of mother Emma, 41, who was the StThomas’s church rose queen in 1985.

And by coincidence Holly will be joined in her retinue by page boy Oscar Parkinson, 5, who is following in the 
footsteps of his father Stephen Parkinson, 43, who was a
 page boy for St Thomas’s in 1981.

Holly will be officially crowned at 2pm this Saturday, July 12, at St Thomas’s summer fare.

Looking forward to the occasion, she said: “I’m really excited that I am going to be the rose queen. My mum has shown me pictures and told me how much she enjoyed being rose queen when she was my age.

“It’s a big honour and I am very lucky to have been chosen. I will do my best for the church and hope to make people smile too.”

Proud mum Emma added: “It must be fate for Holly to become the rose queen and it doesn’t seem that long ago when it was me who was being crowned.

“I had a wonderful time and have many fond memories of the year. I’m sure Holly will love it, too, and we are all very proud of her.”

Page boy Oscar said:“I’ve got to look after the rose queen, so it’s an important job. My dad’s told me all about it and I was laughing at the old pictures of him when he was a page boy.

“I’m glad I wasn’t alive then in the olden days. My dad said they only had three channels on the TV and no iPads!”

Stephen Parkinson added: “It’s lovely to look back on the pictures of when my twin sister, Karen, and I were part of the St Thomas’s rose queen retinue.

“It brings back many happy memories and I’m sure Oscar will enjoy it too.”

The tradition of the rose queens at St Thomas’s dates back almost 100 years with the church’s first one being chosen in the 1920s.

Helen Ife, headteacher at Garstang St Thomas CE Primary School, will crown former pupil Holly, who now attends Ripley St Thomas Academy, Lancaster.