A test for you in ‘time of misrule’

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My first thought today is to wish you a happy new year.

My second is to remind you that this month, January, takes its name from the Roman god, Janus, who had two faces looking in opposite directions.

Back towards the old year and forward to the new.

Again this year in this weekly column I will try to look both backwards and forwards in pictures and words.

My first picture (top), used by the kind permission of local artist Geoff Davies, incorporates a great deal of nostalgia and is a good picture for me to start 2013 with, as you can see a great deal of detail on it.

As the 12 days of Christmas are sometimes called “the time of misrule”, I give you two conundrums – the answers are at the end.

If that is not misrule enough on my part, see how you do in reading the mistyped text picture (above) too! Only 55 out of 100 people can.

Ronnie has two uncles – Uncle Jack and Uncle George. They have all gone to Blackpool air show for the day, along with Ronnie’s parents and Aunt Ida, who is the wife of George.

They got the chance to fly one of the smaller planes and two of the men got off, not wishing to miss their chance, leaving one unlucky man behind.

“I do hope Jack will be alright,” said Aunt Ida.

“Uncle Jack can’t fly, can he?” asked Ronnie.

“No, neither can Uncle George!” replied his mum.

“I can see the Blackpool Gazette headline now” said his mum – Two brothers crash a light aircraft into the tower.”

But someone did know how to fly.

Who was it and who were the two brothers?

Jim is an only child. His mother has no sisters and just one brother. If this brother married a woman who was also an only child, and they had two children – one boy and one girl – then who is Jim’s mother’s brother’s son’s husband’s brother-in-law’s nephew?

The answers to the conundrums are:

1 - In the plane were Uncle George and Ronnie’s father, who know how to fly. Uncle Jack was Ronnie’s mother’s brother, not his father’s brother.

2 - The answer is Jim himself.