Bid to build 30 new homes at farmland spot

View onto development site from a neighbour's house . The development site lies over the wall and hedge.
View onto development site from a neighbour's house . The development site lies over the wall and hedge.
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A single farmhouse at a pig processing business could be replaced by 30 new homes at a prime site in Bowgreave.

An outline planning application has been submitted to Wyre Council by developers Baxter Homes of Kirkham to build the residences on land at Bowgreave House Farm off Garstang Road.

The site is currently home to the long established Pugh’s Piglets, suppliers of speciality pork products, run by Gillian, Barry and Richard Pugh

Neighbours were advised of the proposed development by Wyre Council last week and have until February 11 to send in comments.

It is anticipated that if approval is gained the pork processing business will relocate to modern industrial premises in north Garstang, the farmhouse and processing units will be demolished and 25 detached houses and five affordable social housing properties built. said the developer’s spokesman David Walker of Landmark Property Consultants.

Already objections have been made to the council, with one writer claiming that Bowgreave is in danger of being ruined. The resident stated: “The free-for-all in Bowgreave cannot continue unchecked. What makes Bowgreave Bowgreave will soon be completely ruined unless steps are taken to protect it.”

As well as concerns about development “overkill”, road safety and flooding fears were outlined, and concerns raised that any gap between Bowgreave and Garstang is going to be swallowed up by new development.

Another couple objected to the access proposals and noted their main services are located under the drive to the farm. They noted it would mean more vehicles at a point where traffic can already comes to a standstill at the end of each school day and on an accident prone stretch of road. Thein Barnacre with Bonds site neighbours Garstang Country Club and golf course and houses fronting a main road into town.