Bid to lessen affordable housing rows


WYRE Council is set to adopt a new protocol aimed at halting conflict with organisations such as parish councils when it comes to developing land for affordable rural housing.

Great Eccleston Parish Council recently held a vote of no confidence in Wyre Council, accusing the borough of ignoring its concerns over plans for affordable properties in the village.

Now, in a move which Wyre says is unrelated to the Great Eccleston row, the borough’s cabinet is to adopt what it calls a collaborative approach rather than a confrontational one.

The new protocol will bring together landowners, ward councillors, parish councils, borough officers and affordable housing providers, with ward councillors being involved at the pre-application stage with would-be developers and registered housing providers.

A council spokeswoman said: “The protocol is a piece of work that was started a long time ago by the Lancashire Association of Local Councils. An example of best practice was highlighted and the council has spent some time localising the protocol to Wyre.”

Coun John Rowe, of Great Eccleston Parish Council said: “I was aware that it was going to be on the agenda, but it doesn’t help our recent experience.”