Booth parking fines: who will benefit?

Booths supermarket says it has not yet selected a '˜local charity' to give its parking fines to.

Sunday, 21st February 2016, 9:17 am
Booths Supermarket, Garstang

A sign in the supermarket’s car park says it will donate all paid parking fines to a local charity and locals had questioned which charity the money was going to.

But after the Courier contacted the supermarket, it has revealed no charity has yet been selected.

A spokesman for Booths said: “No charity has been chosen or nominated yet, but we will be donating monies to a locally nominated charity. Furthermore just to clarify that no fines will be issued to any customer or offending vehicles unless they have previously been issued with a warning ticket asking them to adhere and respect our parking regulations.”

The firm also moved to assure customers that as yet no-one has paid any parking fines from parking in the car park and so there is no money to be donated to the to-be-decided charity.

Booths opened in Garstang in September 2009 and was the largest commercial investment this area has seen in a generation.

In April 2015, 100 jobs were lost across the 31 UK stores in Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

The long-established family-run firm currently employs around 3,000 people across all of its stores.

Booths said it was undergoing a proposed restructure in how it manages its stores, “with a view to becoming more efficient and offering better customer service.”