Brakes slammed on Garstang’s boy racers

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PROPOSALS have been unveiled for changes to Garstang’s High Street car park, including measures to put the brakes on anti-social behaviour.

Wyre Borough Council have drafted a plan of improvements in collaboration with Garstang Police and Town Council, which it is hoped will improve traffic flow there and deter ‘boy racers’ from congregating on the car park.

The work is also set to include the widening of some spaces to make better disabled access and a new pedestrian walkway.

The car park has become a magnet for boy racers and groups of youths, prompting complaints from residents.

But Sgt Danielle Freaney told a town council meeting a new approach in partnership with Wyre Council would be taken with letters first written to the main offenders, with behaviour contracts then issued if warnings were ignored.

The town council were asked for their feedback on the proposals and were supportive of the changes.

A Wyre spokesman said: “As we have done in other parts of the borough, some spaces will simply be moved around to improve disabled access and routes through the car park.

“The aim is also to reduce anti social behaviour from motorists.

“A pedestrian walkway will be added, protected by bollards.

“The proposed work should be carried out early next year and should only take a few days to complete, with disruption kept to a minimum.”