Police warn dog owners to keep pets on leads in fields in spring

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Dog owners are being warned to keep their animals on leads when around livestock.

Police at Broughton point out with spring on the way, it is an extremely busy time for the farming and rural community, especially with livestock and their offspring.

A spokesman said: “So here is a sensitive reminder to all dog owners and people who walk dogs in areas where there is livestock. Please make sure you keep full control at all times of your dog by keeping it on a short lead. Only use designated public footpaths that cross fields.”

“In recent years a number of ewes have aborted their lambs due to being worried by dogs in the area. If the dog is kept on a short lead there is less likelihood of the dog causing any issues, as opposed to the dog not being on a lead, or being on an extendable-retractable lead. A farmer has a right to deal with dogs not under control where there is livestock, which is being worried.

“Worrying livestock can be as simple as a dog off a lead, or on a retractable lead and being present in a field and causing the livestock being spooked and either injuring itself or aborting. Please bear this information in mind, when next out walking dogs.”