Sizzling plan to create new jobs

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A new business is preparing to start up in Garstang town centre, creating jobs and bringing an empty building back to life.

Jonny and Hannah Leech are pushing ahead with plans for the old Singletons outbuildings, on Stoops Weind, after Wyre Council granted planning permission for the development.

Frying Soon: Jonny and Hannah Leech hope to have their new chippy open by May. Inset, the building on Stoops Weind

Frying Soon: Jonny and Hannah Leech hope to have their new chippy open by May. Inset, the building on Stoops Weind

The building is being transformed into two retail units.

The outlet closest to Park Hill Road is to become a fish and chip shop with a takeaway, and restaurant facilities seating around 36 people.

It is not yet known what business the other unit will house.

New owners Jonny, 22, and Hannah, 20, say they cannot wait to get started, and claim the fish and chip shop will create at least three full-time jobs and five part-time jobs.

The pair married last summer, at the Free Methodist Church, on Windsor Road, and have moved into Garstang.

“We’re extremely happy to be starting out married life as part of the local community and we’re looking forward to opening our first business,” said Jonny.

“We were pleased to get planning permission, and to have received support from the Town Council, showing that it, too, is keen to develop the centre of the town.

“This is a real investment in the local area, which will provide new jobs and will see Stoops Weind extensively developed, with much needed improvements.

“We hope to start work very soon, and have the shop open by May.”

Jonny’s family has extensive 
experience in catering having been involved in the industry for more than 20 years.

Jonny’s parents, John, 48, and Jane, 47, grew up nearby in Fulwood and moved to Cornwall 25 years ago.

Having gained an accountancy degree from Lancaster University, Jonny has now made a different career choice but is very keen to become a shopkeeper and follow in his father’s footsteps.

Hannah is truly a local girl, growing up in Forton, near Lancaster, and her family, the Whitakers, can trace their local farming roots back many generations.

She is in her final year of 
studies at the University of Cumbria’s St Martin’s College, in Lancaster, where she is training to become a primary school teacher, and is also looking forward to the shop opening and helping with the workload.

“We are keen to become a part of the local community,” added Jonny.

“And anyone who would like to contact us can do so at”