What next for the former Ryan’s area?

The former DJ Ryan and Old Poplar Foundry site in Longridge
The former DJ Ryan and Old Poplar Foundry site in Longridge
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A parish council has voiced concerns over plans to build four houses on a former car park on the outskirts of Longridge.

Plans for two pairs of semi-detached houses on the land to the south of the former DJ Ryan’s site which formerly served as Ryan’s car park, off Inglewhite Road, were submitted to Preston Council by Alan Riding of Alston.

Earlier this year the builder won an appeal against the city council to build 10 new homes on the former DJ Ryan’s site across the road.

Whittingham Parish Council would ideally like to see the development of the former car park considered as an integral part of the whole development of the former Ryan’s site and believes the separate application is an attempt to avoid the required affordable housing element.

As a stand alone scheme, the council says it is development in the open countryside, contrary to Local Plan policy.

Concerns have also been expressed the development would be detrimental to the existing properties on Halfpenny Lane as residents have already contributed to a drainage system running under the application site.

Also, the rear of some of the proposed houses within the plan would overlook the existing buildings on Halfpenny Lane. The council also describes the former Ryan’s site - which remains undeveloped and is on the market - as an eyesore and needs to be developed.

It acknowledges its previous support for the site being used for housing or for mixed housing and office use and notes this criteria was met by another valid plan for the site which was renewed in early 2012, for mixed use and requires the former car park to remain a car park.

Mr Riding and builder Chris Dewhurst were awarded costs against the city council after winning the 10-homes appeal.

Although saying they were happy with the outcome the site was immediately up for sale.