Call for residents to back £200m. tidal energy scheme

Artist impression of the Wyre tidal barrage
Artist impression of the Wyre tidal barrage
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The team behind an ambitious £200m tidal barrage scheme at Fleetwood is asking for supporters of it to make their feelings known.

It comes just days after the green energy project on the River Wyre took another step forward after project bosses secured a deal with the Duchy of Lancaster.

The deal, granting exclusivity rights to build a tidal barrage across the River Wyre, means the project, managed by private firm Natural Energy Wyre Limited, is now able to move forward to the funding and planning application stage.

It is aiming to be the first tidal energy power station in the UK, with an installed capacity of 90 megawatts per hour of electrical energy from a single construction, powered by tidal movement.

However, Natural Energy Wyre say residents can play a big part in getting the scheme over the line.

Bob Long, managing director of Natural Energy Wyre Ltd, said: “People who are opposed to major schemes tend to be very vocal, but when they are in favour they tend not to be. Having the support of residents in this area would make a powerful statement, not just to stakeholders and potential investors, but to the bodies which will eventually determine whether we can go ahead. We are talking about thousands of jobs and major regeneration.”

We are talking about thousands of jobs and major regeneration

Bob Long, Natural Energy Wyre Ltd

Mr Long called on residents to have their say in the scheme by logging onto the website at and clicking on questionnaire boxes.

He added: “There is so much hope for the town invested in this scheme and if necessary, we may need to call on a ‘Cod Army approach’ from people to support it.”

The tidal project, which would have a lifespan of more than 120 years, would provide electricity for tens of thousands of homes in the UK and, say bosses, will support the National Grid and UK Government in their clean renewable energy objectives.

The plan, which could see work starting in around two years, has been given cross-party support at both Wyre and Lancashire County councils and has the support of Fleetwood MP Cat Smith.

She said: “I welcome the proposals for the barrage. Once it is completed, it will provide lots of jobs for local people, which can only be a good thing for the area.”

What are your thoughts? Is this the way forward? Are you for or against? Have your say.