Call to join the fight to save our market town

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Garstang Town Council is calling on local residents to fight controversial proposals for new housing and business developments whch they say could destroy the town.

In an impassioned speech at Garstang Town Council’s planning committee on Monday, Deputy Mayor Coun Lynn Harter spoke of the despair felt by those who believe their views about the future of Garstang will be ignored.

She said: “It worries me this tide that’s coming in that nobody seems able to stop. The scale of this will impact on Garstang.

“I feel we have no real voice at the moment, It’s obviously Government led and Wyre has to follow.”

She made her comments just days before planners unveield their vision for a “Future Catterall” as detailed on page 1 of today’s Courier and as the commitee met to consider promoter J Chippendale Ltd’s outline planning application for up to 329 homes, business and leisure development off the A6 at Nateby and Garstang.

Coun Harter said that if all the major local applications currently mooted or under consideration were approved there was a sense all the developments “would merge into one... it’s more or less another Garstang.”

She claimed that the A6 would no longer be a by-pass but “a road going through the community.”

She added: “Consultations don’t mean anything. I think people feel more and more they are not being listened to.”

Planning commitee chair Coun Sandra Perkins said: “We have to do what is best for our electorate and they are saying no!If they are objecting they have to follow it through. When it comes to (Wyre Council’s) planning committee they’ve got to attend.”

First the Planning Committee and then the full council discussed the Chippendale application before agreeing to object on grounds of the development’s scale and design, its impact on the area and local infrastructure and on road safety issues.

Garstang Town Trust has applied for permission to build a two storey extension to the Town Hall on Market Place, which will enable the creation of a new and easily accessed fire escape.