Campaign for stray animals is a success

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Lane Vets in Garstang have ensured there are no hungry animals this Christmas with their “Feed a Stray a Christmas Dinner” campaign.

This year across their three branches in Garstang, Lancaster and Poulton, Lane Vets have been asking for donations from people to feed stray animals.

Over 200 tins of animal food was donated over the three stores which was given to charities Wolfwood Rescue and AnimalCare.

Jade Mulcaster Head Veterinary Nurse of the Lancaster branch of Lanes Vets said: “We organised a “Feed A Stray A Christmas Dinner” campaign to highlight how many stray animals are in need and cared for all year round.

“Especially this time of year when extra food and bedding make a big difference to the strays and the charities that look after them.

“We had a donation hamper in each of our three branches and have collected over 100 tins of Whiskas cat food which were donated to AnimalCare in Lancaster and over 100 tins of Chappie donated to Wolfwood Rescue.

“As a vets, we see and treat many strays and wildlife in the area throughout the year.

“It felt like a good way to say thank you to those who volunteer to look after these little lost souls until they find a forever home. Food, blankets, toys, fosterers, volunteers are always in high demand.

“Having worked in a stray kennels in my teenage years, it is always something close to my heart. The belief that only misbehaved or difficult animals end up in rescues centre is very very wrong, and older animals, usually the majority of the stray population, can give just as much love and appreciation than young pups, if not more.

“The Garstang clients made us very proud. They donated to the £1 per tin scheme we ran and many people donated five plus tins in this way as well as donating pet food tins from home.

“Also a big thankyou to HenrySchein Animal Health, they are our veterinary suppliers and donated two large trays of chappie.

“There was no publicity for the scheme, so to raise over 100 tins for both charities was excellent .

“This is the first year we have run this scheme but the success was overwhelming, and I suspect it will now be a lovely annual event to show thanks to our animal rescuers in the area.