Campaign pays off as fewer bikers die on rural roads

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A campaign to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured has seen good results across the county, following its success in north Lancashire.

Scenic rural roads attract a large number of bikers and in 2009 four motorcyclists riding on over 500cc motorcycles were killed and 12 seriously injured on the division’s roads during the spring and summer months.

A dual education and enforcement campaign was launched by the road policing team.

Sgt Nigel Ralphson said: “New shifts were introduced so officers would be on patrol at peak times when motorcyclists would be on the roads.

“We analysed accident blackspots and had high visibility patrols. We did not want riders to feel they were being targeted, so it was important officers explained the actions that were being taken.

“Initially our tactics met with some opposition but, as collision figures began to fall, the respectable biker community came to support us and shared our road safety messages with other riders.”

As a result, the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured dropped 50 per cent in 2010.

The success of the campaign led to northern division’s bike safety strategy being adopted across the force. In 2012 there was a 37 per cent reduction in serious collisions in the north of the county and a 22 per cent reduction across Lancashire.