Can you offer ‘sweet’ Winnie a home?

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A dog which lost three puppies at birth after being found on the streets now needs a new home.

Winnie, a Patterdale, was found to be heavily pregnant when she was rescued from the pound by Broughton dog sanctuary Homeless Hounds (HH).

It’s all so very sad and Winnie is such a sweet girl who just needs a break

Homeless Hounds volunteer

Despite being taken on an emergency visit to the vets, she gave birth to three puppies, two already dead and one which died after a long battle.

Homeless Hounds then found Winnie a new home but after her owner became very ill she is once again back at the sanctuary and in need of a new loving home.

Tracey Banister, a volunteer at HH, said: “I rescued Winnie from the pound and when I collected her she was quite timid. As I drew out of the drive she became very unsettled wanting to desperately get on my knee. I pulled over and unsecured her to which she leap onto my knee and just snuggled into me resting to get her head under my chin and settled for a long needed cuddle. As we set off on our journey I noticed she didn’t look quite right and her tummy was very swollen. I rang Emma one of the charities treasurers to express get my concern that she may be pregnant.

This poor girl had already been through so much and seven days alone heavily pregnant before we got her, only for her to lose her babies.

That should be the end of the story with the lovely new home HH had found for her but her new mum is now very ill and can no longer keep her. It’s all so very sad and Winnie is such a sweet girl who just needs a break.”

The charity rescues stray dogs that have been brought into the pound and not claimed. There is a seven day safe period then after that, if unclaimed, the dog is at risk of being put to sleep. Homeless Hounds save as many of these dogs as possible, securing rescue spaces, foster homes or in emergency kennels.

Many dogs at HH are in the same position as Winnie. To rescue a dog go to