Can you solve the puzzle of Cabus cottage?

Do you have any information about this tiny cottage at Cabus?
Do you have any information about this tiny cottage at Cabus?
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THE owners of a Cabus farm are appealing for more information about a tiny ancient cottage they are restoring.

With help from Natural England the managers of Old Holly Farm are bringing the derelict building back to life, with builders using traditional methods and techniques, including using green oak pegs instead of nails to secure the slate roof.

But they would now like to know more about its history and have appealed to Courier readers for help.

The building is in one of the farm fields at the side of Cabus Nook Lane and a spokesperson at Old Holly said: “The building has been stood disused for at least 20 years, and we would like to know if anyone can help fill in the historical gaps.

“All we know is that it was used by shepherds at lambing time and that it’s not quite as old as the main buildings at Old Holly. There are stories of it being used by the local estate to hardy plants for winter, and that sometime in its past a woman lived there and raised six children there, even though it is just one room measuring six metres by three metres! There was no water or electric running to the building, just a fireplace and chimney.’’

Anyone who knows anything about the history of the cottage can respond directly by post to Old Holly Farm, Cabus Nook Lane, Garstang, PR3 1AA, or pop in and ask for Alison.