Candidates for Lancashire elections announced

Lancashire elections
Lancashire elections
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Candidates for this year’s local and parliamentary elections have been announced.

Politicians across Lancashire will go head-to-head, vying to represent residents in local councils and on the national stage.

In Preston, there will be elections in all but three council wards, with 19 seats up for grabs.

Labour and the Conservatives are fielding a candidate in every ward, while the Liberal Democrats are contesting nine seats.

The Green Party is vying for 12 seats, and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is contesting eight.

Cadley Ward, Fishwick Ward and St George’s Ward have no elections this year.

The leader and deputy leader of the city’s Conservative group, Eric Fazackerley and Julie Buttle, have announced they will not re-stand at this year’s election.

Other candidates stepping down include Labour’s Bhikhu Patel and Samuel Gardiner, Conservative councillor Alexandra Thompson-Ortega, and Liberal Democrat Peter Pringle.

Elections will be held on May 7, with the Preston Council results expected to be announced the following day by returning officer Lorraine Norris.

In South Ribble, elections will be held for 50 councillors.

The Conservative Party is fielding 50 candidates, while Labour are fielding 46.

A total of 19 Liberal Democrats candidates will be standing, as well as four Green Party candidates and 10 from UKIP.

Cabinet members Philip Hamman and Stephen Robinson have announced they will not be re-standing, as well as Labour’s Tony Kelly - the borough’s longest serving councillor.

Parliamentary candidates have also been announced for constituencies across the North West.

In Preston, Labour candidate Mark Hendrick will stand against Conservative Richard Holden, Liberal Democrats Jo Barton, Gemma Christie of the Green Party and UKIP’s James Barker.

In South Ribble, Conservative Lorraine Fullbrook will not be re-standing.

Candidates vying for the seat are Labour’s Veronica Bennett, Conservative candidate Seema Kennedy, Sue McGuire of the Liberal Democrats and UKIP’s David Gallagher.

Local candidates for Preston, South Ribble, Ribble Vally, Wyre, Lancaster.


Ashton Ward

Luke Bosman Liberal Democrats

April Dwywer Conservative

Angela Milne-Picken Green

Mark Routledge Labour

Brookfield Ward

Daryl Bamber Conservative

David Dawson UKIP

Nerys Eaves Labour

Kevin Mahy Green

College Ward

Martin Pilkington Green

Harry Seddon Conservative

Mike Turner Liberal Democrats

John Wilson Labour

Deepdale Ward

Issi Bax Labour

Geoffrey Cross Green

Erol Huseynov Conservative

Garrison Ward

Bill Houghton Green Party

Gillian Mascord Labour Party

Christine Thomas Conservative

Hans Voges Liberal Democrats

Greyfriars Ward

Rowena Edmondson Conservative

Peter Holt-Mylroie Liberal Democrats

Ian McCormick Green

Alan Woods Labour

Ingol Ward

Peter Henry Conservative

Jason Jeffrey Liberal Democrats

Thomas Rigby UKIP

John Rochford Labour

Larches Ward

Rebecca Finch Liberal Democrats

Linda Hubberstey Conservative

Kallum Poole Green

Rebecca Yetes Labour

Lea Ward

Daniel Dewhurst Conservative

Lynne Wallace Labour

Joe Young Liberal Democrats

Moor Park Ward

David Borrow Labour

Jonty Campbell Conservative

Jonathan Rawstrone Green

Andrew Watt UKIP

Preston Rural East Ward

Neil Cartwright Conservative

Gerard Parke-Hatton Labour

Preston Rural North Ward

Peter Lawrence Liberal Democrats

George Tait Labour

Stephen Thompson Conservative

Kate Walsh UKIP

Ribbleton Ward

Tony Helps UKIP

Stephen Kay Conservative

Brian Rollo Labour

Matthew Wilson Green

Riversway Ward

Alasdair Bremner Green

Matthew Hargreaves Conservative

Peter Moss Labour

Maureen Watt UKIP

Town Centre Ward

Michael Balshaw Conservative

Yakub Patel Labour

Alex Walker Green

Tulketh Ward

Paul Barker UKIP

Robert Boswell Labour

Bowen Perryman Conservative

Mary Roberts Green

Sharoe Green Ward

Helen Disley Green

Sonia Gildert Conservative

Les Nyogeri Independent

Greg Vickers Liberal Democrats

George Wilson Labour

St Matthew’s Ward

Sheila Heys Conservative

Javed Iqbal Labour

Mark Kingsley UKIP

University Ward

Stephanie Short Conservative

Vanessa Silva Green

John Swindells Labour


St Ambrose Ward

Gareth Armstrong Liberal Democrats

Peter Cassell Liberal Democrats

Lee Gregson Conservative

Christopher Hardman Conservative

Ken Jones Labour

Sue Jones Labour

Leyland Central

Pete Aspinall Conservative

Tom Bidwell Green

Derek Forrest Labour

Claire Hamilton Labour

Ann Pearmain Conservative

Gwendoline Schofield Liberal Democrats

Paul Valentine Liberal Democrats

Moss Side Ward

Mary Green Conservative

Michael Green Conservative

Donald Harrison Labour

Peter Holker Labour

Bernard Rodgers UKIP

Linda Rodgers UKIP

Buckshaw and Worden Ward

John Gillooly Labour

Alexander Howarth Liberal Democrats

Caroline Moon Conservative

Alan Ogilvie Conservative

Doris Pimblett Liberal Democrats

Ruth Wynn Labour

Seven Stars Ward

Jane Bell Labour Party

David Duxbury UKIP

Louise Gough Conservative

Tony Green Conservative

Fred Heyworth Labour

Walton-le-Dale West Ward

Michael Nathan Conservative

Michael Nelson Conservative

Linda Parry Labour

Alex Watson Labour

Lostock Hall Ward

Renee Blow Conservative

Cameron Crook Labour

Desmond Graham Labour

Joseph Hughes Conservative

Jacqui Mort Conservative

Sue Prynn Labour

Hoole Ward

Helen Crewe Liberal Democrats

Ann Holmes UKIP

Peter Hubberstey Liberal Democrats

James Minall Labour

Shirley Parkinson UKIP

John Rainsbury Conservative

David Suthers Conservative

Terri Yates Labour

Charnock Ward

Dorothy Gardner Conservative

Melvyn Gardner Conservative

Elizabeth Mawson Labour

Ian Watkinson Labour

Mary Young Liberal Democrats

Farington East Ward

Malcolm Donoghue Labour

Marion Hancock Liberal Democrats

Katherine Hesketh-Holt Liberal Democrats

Alan Pearmain Conservative

Paul Wharton Conservative

Jonathan Woodcock Labour

Farington West Ward

Emma Buchanan Labour

Judith Davidson Liberal Democrats

Barbara Davis Labour

Matthew Howarth Liberal Democrats

Graham Walton Conservative

Karen Walton Conservative

Bamber Bridge East Ward

Mick Higgins Labour

Josephine Nelson Conservative

Dave Watts Labour

Kathleen Yates Conservative

Coupe Green and Gregson Lane Ward

Warren Bennett Conservative

Mark Bradley Labour

Graham Dixon Green

Jim Marsh Conservative

Samlesbury and Walton Ward

Andy Bennison Labour

Graham Davies Labour

Peter Mullineaux Conservative

Barrie Yates Conservative

Bamber Bridge West Ward

James Davies Conservative

Paul Foster Labour

Rita Hughes Conservative

Caleb Tomlinson Labour

Broad Oak Ward

Harry Hancock Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Robert Taylor Labour

Frances Walker Conservative

Linda Woollard Conservative

Tim Young Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Howick and Priory Ward

David Bennett Labour

David Bird Conservative

John Carruthers UKIP

Sandy Henshaw Green Party

David Howarth Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Rebecca Noblet Conservative

Tony Pimblett Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Angela Turner Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Alistair Woollard Conservative

Broadfield Ward

Edward Hardy Conservative

Paul Moon Conservative

Mick Titherington Labour

Matthew Tomlinson Labour

Earnshaw Bridge Ward

Bill Evans Labour

Cathy Roper Conservative

Susan Snape Conservative

Patricia Taylor UKIP

Walter Taylor UKIP

Dave Wynn Labour

Longton and Hutton West Ward

Jeremy Barker Liberal Democrats

Julie Buttery UKIP

Colin Clark Conservative

Colin Coulton Conservative

Geoffrey Crewe Liberal Democrats

Jon Hesketh Conservative

Michael Kelly Labour

David Moore Liberal Democrats

Neil Scanlan Labour

Carol Wooldridge Labour

New Longton and Hutton East Ward

Anne Brown Labour

Anthony Hartley Liberal Democrats

Julie Hartley Liberal Democrats

Roger Henshaw Green Party

Geoff Key Labour

Margaret Smith Conservative

Phil Smith Conservative

Middleforth Ward

Neil Anyon UKIP

Joan Burrows Conservative

Jenny Hothersall Conservative

Keith Martin Labour

Maria McCann Liberal Democrats

Jim Patten Labour

Clarke Steele Conservative

David Wooldridge Labour

Walton-le-Dale East

Andrea Ball Conservative

Steve Bennett Labour

Phil Entwistle Labour

Barbara Nathan Conservative


Aighton Bailey and Chaigley Ward

Jan Alcock Conservative

Niall Macfarlane Labour

Alston and Hothersall Ward

Nicholas Madden Labour

Jum Rogerson Conservative

David Smith Conservative

Billington and Old Langho Ward

Stephen Atkinson Conservative

Phil Gelding Labour

Gerald Mirfin Conservative

Bowland, Newton and Slaidburn Ward

Rosie Elms Conservative

Gill Rose Labour

Chatburn Ward

Michael Rose Labour

Gary Scott Conservative

Chipping Ward

Simon Hore Conservative

Alan Matthews Labour

Clayton-le-Dale with Ramsgreave Ward

Peter Ainsworth Conservative

Charles Cathcart Labour

Doreen Taylor Conservative

Derby and Thornley Ward

Stuart Carefoot Conservative

Greg Priest Labour

Nick Stubbs Labour

Jim White Conservative

Dilworth Ward

Mike Everett Labour

Kenneth Hind Conservative

Rupert Swarbrick Conservative

Kerry Swinburne Labour

Edisford and Low Moor Ward

Maureen Fenton Labour

Stewart Fletcher Liberal Democrats

Lynne Garvey Liberal Democrats

Sue Hind Conservative

Tom Wilkinson Labour

Gisburn and Rimington Ward

Richard Sherras Conservative

David Waters Labour

Langho Ward

Alison Brown Conservative

Paula Dobson Conservative

Frank Havard Labour

Anne Taylor Labour

Littlemoor Ward

Mark French Liberal Democrats

Jean Hayes Conservative

Sue Knox Liberal Democrats

Sue Riley Labour

Elizabeth Walters Labour

Mellor Ward

Stella Brunskill Conservative

Noel Walsh Conservative

Elizabeth Webbe Labour

Primrose Ward

Andrew Bedford Labour

Naomi Chapelhow Conservative

Ron Corbin Labour

Allan Knox Liberal Democrats

Mary Robinson Liberal Democrats

Read and Simonstone Ward

Richard Bennett Conservative

Lesley Graves Conservative

David Greenhough Labour

Ribchester Ward

Sarah-Jane Bryant Labour

Ian Sayers Conservative

Sabden Ward

Jo Barlow Labour

Ricky Newmark Conservative

Salthill Ward

Ian Brown Conservative

Michaela Campion Labour

Pam Dowson Conservative

Donna O’Rourke Liberal Democrats

Simon O’Rourke Liberal Democrats

Freddie Redfern Labour

St Mary’s Ward

Jordan Campion Labour

Kerry Fletcher Liberal Democrats

Graham Geldard Conservative

Ruth Hargreaves Conservative

Lily Perrin Labour

Paul Robinson Liberal Democrats

Waddington and West Bradford Ward

Paul Elms Conservative

Bridget Hilton Conservative

Whalley Ward

Nick Furber Labour

Terry Hill Conservative

Joyce Holgate Conservative

Wilpshire Ward

Sue Bibby Conservative

Stuart Hirst Conservative

Elizabeth Kellaway Labour

Wiswell and Pendleton Ward

Paul Atkinson Labour

Robert Thompson Conservative


Bare Ward

Tony Anderson Morecambe Bay Independents

June Ashworth Morecambe Bay Independents

Shirley Burns Morecambe Bay Independents

Brett Cooper Conservative

Charles Edwards Conservative

Michael Gradwell Liberal Democrats

Dilys Greenhalgh Labour

Richard Martin Labour

Richard Moriarty Green

Mark Nelson UKIP

Julia Norman Green

Valerie Rogerson Labour

Bolton and Slyne Ward

Harry Armistead Liberal Democrats

Thomas Birnie Green

William Birnie Green

John Bouskill Labour

Keith Budden Independent

Sharron Hood Labour

Susan Lomax

Molly Roberts Labour

Sylvia Rogerson Conservative

James Thomas Conservative

John Wild Conservative

Bulk Ward

Matthew Atkins UKIP

William Brooks Conservative

Howard Dodgson Conservative

Tim Hamilton-Cox Green

Caroline Jackson Green

Cathy Jamieson Labour

Andrew Kay Green

Peter Rivet Labour

Nickey Russell Conservative

Miles Taylor Labour

Carnforth and Millhead

Kevin Frea Green

Paul Gardner Labour

Mel Guilding Conservative

Fran Hanna Labour

Christopher Leadbetter Conservative

Bob Roe Labour

Peter Yates Conservative


Dave Brookes Green

Chris Brown Conservative

Ryan Cushley-Spendiff Conservative

Anthony Cutter Independent

Eugene Doherty Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Michael Mumford Liberal Democrats

Tom Sweeney Labour

Nick Wilkinson Green

Peter Wilson Labour


Nicholas Beddoe Green

Susie Charles Conservative

Helen Helme Conservative

David Hill Labour

Andrew Lee Green

Ben Whittingham Labour


Bob Bauld Green

Catarina Finnerty Labour

Daniel Gibbins Conservative

Paul Woodruff


Darren Clifford Labour

Joanne Corless Green

Jason Firth Morecambe Bay Independents

Janice Hanson Labour

Pat Hibbins Conservative

Terry Ingle Morecambe Bay Independents

Steven Ogden UKIP

David Whitaker Labour

Heysham Central

Carla Brayshaw Labour

David Brayshaw Labour

Geoff Knight Morecambe Bay Independents

Elliot Layfield Conservative

Cary Matthews Morecambe Bay Independent

Heysham North

James Fletcher Morecambe Bay Independents

Margaret Pattison Labour

Dave Porter UKIP

Ronald Sands Labour

Hayley Schofield Morecambe Bay Independents

Adam Towers Conservative

Ulrike Zeshan Green

Heysham South

Stuart Bateson Conservative

Alan Biddulph Labour

Ian Clift Labour

Mike Greenall Morecambe Bay Independents

Colin Hartley Labour

Mark Knight UKIP

Richard Rollins Conservative

John O’Gaunt

Mary Blamire Labour

Ali Dodgson Conservative

Phil Dunster Liberal Democrats

Heather Hilton Green

Mick Jackson Conservative

Richard Newman-Thompson Labour

Elizabeth Scott Labour

Chris Watkins Green

Rebecca Whittle Green

Luke Worrall


John Mace Conservative

Jean Taylor Labour

Mark Westcombe Green

Lower Lune Valley

Ryan Bartle Labour

Marco Ciciriello Liberal Democrats

Tamsin Hartley Labour

Joan Jackson Conservative

Jan Maskell Green

Jane Parkinson Conservative

Joyce Pritchard Liberal Democrats

Mike Wright Green


Jon Barry Green

Andrew Gierke Labour

Michael Loat

Rebecca Novell Green

Valerie Pearson Labour

Gus Rankin Conservative

Holly Sheppard Conservative

Mark Warburton Liberal Democrats


Andrew Gardiner Conservative

Matt Hood Labour

Keith Sowden Independent

Pamela White Green


Graham Agnew Conservative

Vicky Boyd-Power Morecambe Bay Independents

Godfrey Danson UKIP

Tricia Heath Morecambe Bay Independents

Brendan Hughes Labour

Clare Long-Summers Green

Terrie Metcalfe Labour

Annette Smith Morecambe Bay Independents

Becky Stevens Green

Scotforth East

Daniel Aldred Conservative

Kyran Darnton Liberal Democrats

Frank Ledwith Green

James Leyshon Labour

Robin Long Liberal Democrats

Gisela Renolds Green

Patricia Whitehead Labour

Helen Wilson Conservative

Scotforth West

Sheila Denwood Labour

Ronnie Kershaw Labour

Rebecca Long Liberal Democrats

Steve Metcalfe Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Abi Mills Green

Chris Norman Green

Val Outram Conservative

Paul Stubbins Green

Janet Walton Conservative

Kevan Walton Conservative

John Whitehead Labour


Rex Ambler Green

Sarah Fishwick

Nigel Goodrich Conservative

June Greenwell Liberal Democrats

Brenda Rockall Labour

Skerton East

Abbott Bryning Labour

David Fleet Green

Jennifer George Conservative

Janet Hall Labour

Jean O’Neill Green

Robert Redfern Labour

Stephen Riley Green

Steven Swarbrick

Skerton West

Rob Devey Labour

John Harrison Independent

Harry Kaloudis Green

Karen Leytham Labour

Geoff Marsden Conservative

Michael Riley Green

Niall Semple UKIP

Roger Sherlock Labour


Thomas Barney Liberal Democrats

Daren Chandisingh Green

Roger Dennison Morecambe Bay Independents

Robert Gillespie UKIP

Geoff Marsland Morecambe Bay Independents

John Reynolds Labour

Andrew Warriner Labour

Philippa Williamson Conservative

University and Scotforth Rural

Sam Armstrong Green

Dan Astley Conservative

Lucy Atkinson Labour

Lee Dickson Conservative

Ice Dong Conservative

Jack Filmore Green

Jo Gadsden Green

Pippa Hepworth Liberal Democrats

Jamie Lawson Liberal Democrats

Matt Mann Labour

Oliver Mountjoy Liberal Democrats

Clare Robinson Labour

Upper Lune Valley

Jack Hoad Labour

Catriona Stamp Green

Peter Williamson Conservative


Janette Gardner Labour

Stuart Langhorn Independent

Susan Sykes Conservative

Sue Tyldesley Green


Tracy Brown Labour

Claire Cozler Labour

Michelle Ogden UKIP

David Smith Labour

Barry Vickers Morecambe Bay Independents

Joseph Wilson Conservative



Howard Ballard Conservative

Sandra Delbridge Conservative

George Leece UKIP

Terry Lees Labour

Wayne Martin Labour

Natalie Reeves Labour

Jon Sillis Green

Emma Sydney Conservative


Peter Gibson Conservative

Terence Gregson Labour

David Henderson Conservative

Terry Rogers Labour

Michael Smith Green

Brock with Catterall

Philip Mitchell Green

Peter Murphy Conservative

Shaun Turner Conservative


Hana Gilmour Green

John Ibison Conservative

David Williams Independent


Ron Greenhough Conservative

Ruth Owens Green

Carole Stephenson Labour

Michael Vincent Conservative

Andrew Walker Labour

Cleveleys Park

Ian Amos Conservative

Rita Amos Conservative

Olive Bergin UKIP

Robert Coupe UKIP

Kevin Higginson Labour

John Traynor Labour


Dulcie Atkins Conservative

Tom Balmain Conservative

Alice Collinson Conservative

Alan Cornthwaite Independent

Joe Gilmour Green

Sandra Perkins Independent

Peter Ryder Independent

Paul Treece-Birch Labour

Great Eccleston

George Cardno Labour

Susan Catterall Conservative

Dianne Hogarth Green

Susan Pimbley Conservative

Hambleton and Stalmine

Joanne Bedell Green

Lynne Bowen Conservative

Andy Meredith Labour

Julie Robinson Conservative

Terry Robinson Labour

Handhorn with Highcross

Richard Anyon Labour

Roger Berry Conservative

Barry Birch Conservative

Simon Bridge Conservative

Chris Frost Labour

Roddy Hanson Green


Jonathan Bergin UKIP

Rob Fail Labour

Billy Glasgow Labour

John Hodgkinson Conservative

Roy Hopwood UKIP

David Walmsley Conservative

Marsh Mill

Sean Hazlewood Labour

Tom Ingham Conservative

Ellen Miller Labour

Andrew Pettigrew UKIP

Peter Smith Labour

Ann Turner Conservative

Lynn Walmsley Conservative

Christopher Warren Green


Ian Duffy Labour

Ruth Duffy Labour

Harry Henderson UKIP

David Shaw Conservative

Billy Whiteside Conservative


Margie Birkett Conservative

Kevin Pilkington Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

Christine Smith Labour

Catherine Sperrin Conservative

Brian Stephenson Labour


Frank Radcliffe UKIP

Simon Roberts Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

Ron Shewan Labour

Evelyn Stephenson Labour

Frances Thewlis Conservative

Alex Tomlinson Conservative

Pheasant’s Wood

Melanie Hamilton UKIP

Andrea Kay Conservative

Penny Martin Labour


Rachel Beavers Labour

Graham Holden Conservative


Nic Fogg Labour

Paul Moon Conservative

Phil Orme Conservative

Mary Stirzaker Labour

Norah Stuchfield Labour

Vivien Taylor Conservative


Michael Barrowclough Labour

Lorraine Beavers Labour

Margaret Bond Conservative

Chloe Clarke Conservative

Stephen Clarke Conservative

David Gerrard UKIP

Ann Hanvey Independent

Jack Harrison Independent

Rita Hewitt Independent

Ray Smith Independent

Ted Taylor Labour


Kerry Jones Conservative

Sandra Lord Labour

Eddie Rawlings Labour

Matthew Vincent Conservative

Tina Warren Green


Philip Anyon Labour

Colette Birch Conservative

Lesley McKay Conservative

Yvonne Russell Green

Victoria and Norcross

Andrew Johnson Labour

Don Macnaughton UKIP

Patsy Ormrod Conservative

Alan Vincent Conservative


Emma Anderton Labour

Marge Anderton Labour

Peter Cartridge Conservative

David Meekins Conservative


Stella Charnley Labour

Val Wilson Conservative


Adlington and Anderton

June Molyneaux Labour

Philip Pilling Liberal Democrat

Stuart Rickaby UKIP

Charlotte Woods Conservative

Astley and Buckshaw

Dan Croft Labour

Jeffrey Flinders Mallinson UKIP

Mark Perks Conservative


Steve Holgate Labour

Paul Leadbetter Conservative

Chorley East

Terry Brown Labour

Robert Daykin Green

Mike Devaney Conservative

Christopher Suart UKIP

Chorley North East

Claire Ashworth Green

Marion Lowe Labour

Tom Norris Conservative

Thomas Shorrock UKIP

Chorley North West

Aaron Beaver Labour

Peter Malpas Conservative

Julia Smith UKIP

Chorley South East

Shaun Jones UKIP

Sarah Kiley Conservative

David Porter Liberal Democrat

Paul Walmsley Labour

Chorley South West

Harold Heaton Conservative

Margaret Lees Labour

Phillip Smith UKIP

Clayton-le-Woods North

Magda Cullens Conservative

Stephen Fenn Liberal Democrat

Gillian Hargreaves Green

Steve Murfitt Labour

Clayton-le-Woods West and Cuerden

Alan Cullens Conservative

Dave Rogerson Labour

Clayton-le-Woods and Whittle-le-Woods

Glenda Charlesworth Liberal Democrat

Mark Edward Clifford Labour

David George Humphries UKIP

Gregory Ian Morgan Conservative


Paul Clark Labour

Joshua John Nelson Conservative

Mark Smith UKIP

Eccleston and Mawdesley

Martin William Boardman Conservative

Helen Margaret Bradley Labour

Richard Croll UKIP

Euxton South

Stuart Anthony Clewlow Labour

Phillip Hayward UKIP

Debra Platt Conservative


Doreen Dickinson Conservative

Stan Ely Labour

The local parliamentary candidates are:


James Barker - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Jo Barton - Liberal Democrats

Gemma Christie - The Green Party Candidate

Mark Phillip Hendrick - Labour and Cooperative Party

Richard John Holden - The Conservative Party Candidate

South Ribble

Veronica Lucy Bennett - Labour Party

David Gallagher - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Seema Louise Ghiassi Kennedy - The Conservative Party Candidate

Sue McGuire - Liberal Democrats

Wyre and Preston North

John Potter - Liberal Democrats

Anne Vivienne Power - Green Party Stop Fracking Now

Ben Wallace - The Conservative Party Candidate

Kate Walsh - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Ben Whittingham - Labour Party

Lancaster and Fleetwood

Matthew Jeremy Atkins - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Chris Coates - Green Party

Harold Daniel Hope Elletson - Independent

Robin Long - Liberal Democrats

Eric Ollerenshaw - The Conservative Party Candidate

Catherine Jane Smith - Labour Party

Ribble Valley

Grace Christine Astley - Independent

David Anthony Brass - Independent

Nigel Martin Evans - The Conservative Party Candidate

David Love Hinder - Labour Party

Tony Johnson - Independent Political Alliance Party

Shirley Parkinson - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Jackie Pearcey - Liberal Democrats

Graham Hugh Sowter - The Green Party Candidate


Elizabeth Clarkson - Northern Party

Bob Dennett - The Green Party

Mike Hill - Independent

Mark Andrew Menzies - The Conservative Party Candidate

Jed Sullivan - Labour Party

Freddie van Mierlo - Liberal Democrats

Paul Martin White - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Morecambe and Lunesdale

Phil Chandler - Green Party

Michael Liam Thomas Dawson - Independent

Amina Lone - Labour Party

David Thomas Morris - The Conservative Party Candidate

Steven Thomas Ogden - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Matthew James Severn - Liberal Democrats

West Lancashire

Ben Basson Green Party

David Braid War Veteran’s Pro-Traditional Family Party

Rosie Cooper Labour

Paul Greenall Conservative

Daniel Lewis Liberal Democrats

Jack Sen UKIP


Stephen Fenn Liberal Democrat

Lindsay Hoyle Labour

Rob Loughenbury Conservative

Adrian Maudsley Independent

Mark Smith UKIP

Alistair Straw Green