Caring community joins ‘Run a leg’ race

Fun run in Forton.
Fun run in Forton.

We did it! Friends Ella Bookless and Katie Olvier were rejoicing this week after their Forton Fun Run raised nearly £2,000 - enough to help buy a special prosthetic “beach and running” limb for cancer sufferer Gabriella Benn, a former Forton school pupil.

Gabriella and her family now live in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ella and Katie were determined to make life better for her after learning she had had her leg amputated above the knee after developing bone cancer just before her 10th birthday last November.

Saturday’s Fun Run was the result with all age groups turning out for a choice of one, three or twelve mile runs.(walking or toddling was accceptable too). Ella’s mum, Garstang vet Andrea Bookless said: “We had a truly excellent day and will have raised close to £2000 when all the sponsorship money comes in.”

The special prosthetic limb costs around £2,500 and will enable Gabriella to walk and run on her local beaches.

See our Letters pages 6/7 for the girls’ own account of the event.

Results: The one mile race was won by Ben Roskell in 14mins 13 secs.

The three mile race was won by Adam Weir in 20mins 33secs.

The first to finish the 12 mile race was Steve Physick in 1:46:40, closely followed by Zoe Edmundson and Richard Jones in 1:50 :59secs.