Cat goes homes after year long college adventure

Toby the cat... rescued by Myerscough staff
Toby the cat... rescued by Myerscough staff
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An adventurous cat who took a year-long ‘holiday’ has been reunited with his owner.

Toby was on his way to a cattery in Nateby near Garstang from his home in Weeton whenhe went on the run.

As his owner pulled up en route to their break in Scotland he dived out of the car and fled in the open countryside.

Mum-of-one Dawn Gibson and partner Joseph had given up hope of seeing him again - and couldn’t believe their eyes when they were reunited with the cat last weekend.

Assuming he was dead, they got two more cats and also have three dogs.

No-one knows where he went but was spotted a number of times in and around Myerscough College’s Bilsborrow campus over the past few months - leading to staff feeding him and he gradually become very friendly.

After a few weeks, Animal Academy tutor, Caroline Bowden, decided to try to find out if the cat, who staff had named William, belonged to anyone.

Caroline said: “At first we thought he was feral. We couldn’t get near him, which is exactly what is expected of a feral cat, but he was a bit too timid and friendly.

“We left food out and came every day then he started coming in. In fact, he became friendlier than our own office cat and looked as if he’d been homeless for a long time.

“I decided to make it my mission to find his owner. My friend, who works with the RSPCA, came down and scanned him and to my surprise he was microchipped. His name is actually Toby. I then found his owner’s contact details and reunited him with his owner.”

Dawn said: “I was absolutely gobsmacked, shocked, when I got the call he had been found. It is brilliant to have him back.”