Cat shot in Churchtown

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A CAT lover from Churchtown is warning other pet owners to beware after her moggy was shot by an airgun thug - for the second time.

Susie White was horrified to discover her seven-year-old cat Squishy limping and bloody after returning home last Monday morning.

She didn’t immediately see the wound but the vet at Beacon Vets later confirmed there were entry and exit gunshot wounds, probably caused by an air rifle.

Fortunately the pellet has passed through Squishy’s leg without damaging the bone or hitting any vital organs.

“The vet, who was brilliant, said he was very lucky’’ said Susie.

It’s not the first time Squishy has been in the firing line.

Shortly after the family moved to Churchtown three years ago he suffered a similar attack.

“I understand that some people don’t like cats but to take a pot shot at a pet is disgraceful’’ said Susie. “It’s possible someone mistook him for a rabbit in the fields across the A586 but it’s scary that someone with a gun either can’t tell the difference between a cat and a rabbit, or is roaming around shooting cats deliberately.’’

Susie says she wants to warn other cat owners to beware the danger and says she has reported the incident to police.