CCTV: Police hunt men in '˜honesty stall' raid

CCTV footage of the two men who raided an honesty stall near Garstang has been released.

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 4:29 pm
CCTV footage of two men stealing from a milk bar in St Michaels. March 2016.

The film shows two men trying and failing to break into the honesty box to steal the cash.

The Milk Bar on Hall Lane in St Michaels has been pilfered four times since its inception and officers are still investigating after more than 50 bottles of milk were stolen along with large amounts of honey, bread and eggs.

One of the males can be seen wearing stripey turquoise trousers and a black jacket and the other wearing dark blue jeans, a black jacket and a sky blue baseball cap.

CCTV footage of two men stealing from a milk bar in St Michaels. March 2016.

Police are still searching for a light coloured Peugeot 206 in which the men made off in after the raid.

And the farmers who own and stock the bar, Anne and John Swale, hope the footage they supplied can help catch the raiders, after it gave police images, a car registration and a car make.

The CCTV was paid for and installed by the couple after the bar was targeted for the first time.

Farmers Anne and John Swale set up the honesty stall selling every day essentials such as cheese, milk, eggs and honey to serve the flood-hit village but were shocked one night in February when a car pulled up and stole the lot.

CCTV footage of two men stealing from a milk bar in St Michaels. March 2016.

Since then, the culprits have been back three times, but Anne, 44, says the stall will keep going.

Anne and her husband John, 56, were heavily flooded during Storm Desmond in December and thought the stall was a good way of selling their products as well as helping the flood-hit community.

And with farmers getting below the cost of production for their milk this was also a way of earning a small profit.

The latest incident happened on March 27 between 7.40 and 7.50pm and police are hoping by sharing the footage the two men can be identified.

Anne said: “We put a notice board out on the bar and people have left such lovely comments. We want to keep going and be there for everyone that needs us and so after all of these crimes we have always been restocked and ready for people to use the bar.”

Call police on 101 if you recognise this man.