Children learn about the importance of fire safety

Children at Forton Primary School were taught all about fire safety last week with a visit from Lancaster Fire Service.

Wednesday, 4th February 2015, 8:00 am
Pupils from Forton Primary School get a visit from the fire service. Crew manager Gavin Helliwell with John Slater and Millie-Jo Holmes, both aged 7.

The year two children learned about the dangers of fire including what to do if a smoke alarm sounds and how to STOP, DROP and ROLL if their clothes were to catch fire and even had the opportunity to dress up as fire fighters.

Several of the children told the Courier what they learned and enjoyed most about the day.

Annabelle,six said: “I learned that you should keep matches in a high place”

Mille-Jo, seven, said: “I enjoyed holding a fire hose.”

Michael,six, said: “My favourite part was watching the video clip with the characters Freddy and Ferb.”

The session, also attended by the year six children informed them of the importance of having an escape plan if a fire were to start in their home. Video clips allowed the children to understand just how quickly a fire can spread and they were encouraged to discuss the advice with their family and make a plan together.

They also talked about the role of firefighters in the local community, the importance of smoke alarms and the dangers of hoax calls.

Ellen, 10 said: “I was amazed to see that a room caught fire in 3 minutes!”

Emily, 10 said: “If you are trapped in your room, you should open the window and shout ‘FIRE!’”

Rhys said: “Now I am 
definitely going to make 
a fire plan.”

Other children who had also spotted the fire engine parked outside of the school were delighted when they were invited to have a better look inside.