Church’s new ‘Let Us Pay’ policy

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A Garstang church has introduced charges for drivers wanting to park cars on its premises.

St Thomas’s on Church Street has started charging people using its car park in a bid to boost funds.

Parking will remain free on Sundays and for up to two hours on other days, with charges of £1.20 for four hours, £2.40 for six and £3 for up to 24 hours.

Penalty charges will be £80, reduced to £50 for prompt payment. Church warden Jean Sawyer said people would still be able attend a wedding or service and have free parking.

She said:“Hopefully we have got the balance right in ensuring we continue to welcome people to the church, while also raising much needed funds to help keep the church running.

“We have to look at ways of raising money to meet the growing needs and costs.

“We have a car park that costs a lot of money for the church to maintain, yet the car park could yield some valuable extra income as it is often used by shoppers and other visitors to Garstang.”

She said there have been times when people wishing to tend graves could not park.