Circus of Horrors comes to Preston Guild Hall

The Circus of Horrors.
The Circus of Horrors.

It’s back! The infamous Circus of Horrors is bringing its tour to Preston Guild Hall.

Featuring unbelievable sword swallowers, a hair-culian woman (who swings using her hair!), a strong man, whirlwind acrobats, flaming limbo, sensational aerialists, knife throwing, bow and arrow wielding Bond-like Divas, twisted contortionists and lots more in this roller coaster of a show which is now celebrating 24 years on the road.

In addition to Britain’s Got Talent their appearances on various other TV shows have turned what set out as a cult show into a household name. The Circus of Horrors will perform at Preston Guild on Monday, February 11.

For tickets call 01772 804444.