Club will carry on running beer and sausage festival despite Rotary pulling out

Whittingham Beer and Sausage Festival.  All hands to the pumps !
Whittingham Beer and Sausage Festival. All hands to the pumps !
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The future of what is believed to be the best beer and sausage festival around has been clarified this week.

Whittingham Beer and Sausage Festival - which has raised thousands of pounds for charity and attracts thousands of people - WILL go-ahead for the sixth time next year, but without the input of the Rotary Club of Longridge and North Preston.

The partnership between the committee of Whittingham Sports and Social Club, where the festival is held each year, and the Rotary Club, has come to an end.

Questions over the festival’s future started after a posting on social media at the weekend which received around 4,000 hits.

Club secretary Peter Parkinson says the festival, held over the May Day bank holiday weekend, is very much going ahead and the dates of May 4, 5 and 6, 2018 are firmly in the diary.

Mr Parkinson said: “The Rotary Club decided they wanted to pull out of the partnership but as far as we are concerned we will continue to do what we have done previously.

“The event was held at the Whittingham Club premises and it will contiue to be held there.

“Obviously we may need to look for a new partner, but I am sure there are a number of groups who would like to join forces.

“It has been successful for the last five years and we have no reasons to change that.”

He said everything would be the same, with live music and the same prices and added: “Where can you buy a pint for £2.50? At Whittingham Beer and Sausage Festival.”

The Rotary Club issued a statement which said: “After five years of organising and running the increasingly successful Whittingham Beer And Sausage Festival in partnership with Whittingham Club, both parties wanted to take the festival in different directions, so the club will continue to host the event and we will move on to other things. We wish them well for the future and hope that they have continued success with the event.”